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To understand how to place a bonus at 1win, you need to understand what opportunities are offered for this on the gambling establishment’s website. Moreover, this virtual platform acts not only as a bookmaker, but also as an online casino. This means that not all bonuses and promotions can be used through sports betting! Right now we will figure out what opportunities 1win website offers for wagering a bonus.

1win bonus

How to place a bonus in 1win - conditions for bettors

1win bonuses for bettors are credited to the corresponding bonus account. You can easily find it, as it is displayed next to the main balance and is highlighted with a characteristic icon. And to understand how to place bonuses at 1win, it is important to remember the following rules:

  • Wagering procedure - you cannot place bets on sports using funds from your bonus account. Yes, you can only bet on the 1win website using real money. In turn, bonuses will be transferred to the main balance after wagering. To do this, you need to place regular bets at odds of at least 3.0! If these conditions are met, you will receive additional benefits.
  • Amount of wagered funds - regardless of other parameters and conditions, you will receive a fixed percentage from the bonus account. It is equal to 5% of the bet amount, but only if it wins! If you lose, you will only lose your own funds from your main account. You can win back the bonus money at any other time.

How to place a bonus in 1win

As you can see, figuring out how to place bonus money at 1win is not that difficult. Moreover, these are some of the most loyal rules on the gambling services market! After all, wagering is not tied to wagers, time periods and other pitfalls. 1win game rules allow absolutely everyone to earn real money through bonuses!

Casino bonuses - wagering procedures

If at 1win it’s clear how to place a bonus using sports betting, it’s time for an online casino. After all, the wagering rules in it are significantly different, but they are no less simple. So, you just need to be active in any games 1win casino! And if your loss over the previous day exceeds 5,000 RUB, you can receive up to 20% from your bonus account. By the way, this bonus account is maintained separately from the one linked to the bookmaker’s office!
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