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1win bookmaker offers sports betting, online casino and other entertainment for fans of excitement. From 2022, fans of sports competitions can try tournaments with real people called Fantasy Sport. Today, the authors and creators of the Fantasy Sport app will tell you what fantasy sport is, what sports it has, how to take part and win real money!
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What is Fantasy Sport?

This is a real-time competition with other sports fans. In the tournament mode, participants create their own fantasy team in any of the presented sports disciplines and recruit players into it. Each team has its own cost in points, the better the player in terms of skills, the higher the cost in Fantasy.

The task of the bettor is to assemble a team for the specified amount by position. He will receive points after the games of the teams that took place in real time, for example, in the Ukrainian Football Championship. Points for the players participating in the match are calculated according to a special table. The more useful actions a player has done for the team in a real match, the more potential points the fantasy client will receive in his own standings. Every week, users can make substitutions, trying to guess which newcomer will perform better in the next match.

Once again briefly the principles of fantasy sports online:

  • player selects a sport and a real-time tournament
  • a team is being formed, the composition of the team is formed from the points threshold (starting + reserve);
  • user selects captain and players for this week’s matches;
  • players in real life play in a match, receiving fantasy points for goals, assists and other statistical indicators;
  • after the week or tour played, the total number of points is calculated;
  • after the count, leaderboards are formed, users can make substitutions for the next matches/tours;
  • The winners of tests and tournaments receive cash prizes on the 1win website!

For more information about the rules, the scoring system and other features of fantasy, clients of the office can find out on a separate page of 1win casino. It is available on the official website or in the application. You can also play fantasy from your phone — just download the 1win app on your iOS or Android smartphones. All the functionality of the bookmaker and online casino is available from the mobile. Fantasy football is easy to download to your phone to keep abreast of changes in your team and make replacements in time.

What sports are available in Fantasy on the BC 1win website?

1win bookmaker offers Premier League fantasy football and a number of other real money competitions. Full list of fantasy sports tournaments:

  • The World Cup (and other major tournaments);
  • Champions League, Europa League and Conference League;
  • English football leagues: Premier League and Championship;
  • FA Football Cups: FA Cup and League Cup;
  • Football tournaments: Ligue 1 (France), La Liga (Spain), Serie A (Italy);
  • American leagues: NHL (hockey) and NBA (basketball);
  • Basketball Euroleague;
  • NFL (American football);
  • Formula 1 (auto racing).

A complete list of current tournaments where you can play fantasy sports for money is available on the competition page.

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How does Fantasy Sports for real money work?

The system is quite simple: the clients of the bookmaker go to 1win registration, replenish the account, choose a sport, championship and league, pay a membership fee and start the competition! The 1win site has classic serial games and daily fantasy games with results updated daily.

Serial fantasy tournaments

This is a classic fantasy format, designed for a long-term game and perspective. A team of 15 players is being assembled, 11 of which are in the starting lineup, this is an option for fantasy football Ukraine. Points based on the performance of football players are awarded every week, 1win clients can make substitutions and take players for the future if his team has an easy calendar and he can theoretically score more fantasy points.

Basic 1win rules of fantasy serial tournaments:

  • there are restrictions on the number of players from one club (usually no more than 3);
  • points are calculated for the week, the results are summed up at the end of the season;
  • substitutes are awarded points if a main player fails to play;
  • a limited number of purchases are given for the entire tournament and week;
  • there are prizes for winning in a particular week, they do not affect the total prize pool.

Serial fantasy football league is designed for long-term planning, victory in the first 45 weeks does not guarantee overall success. It is important to selectively use substitutions and track the statistics of teams in the tournament.

1win Daily Fantasy

What is fantasy football in daily format? This is depositing money today, and winning tomorrow! Fast-paced and very exciting daily tournaments will help you get a share of the excitement in the game for real money. The team is assembled according to the same principle as in the production version, but there are differences. First, instead of 14 players, only 5 are given. Second, there is a daily for 1 day, which is actually equal to a bet at a bookmaker.

Features of daily fantasy for 1win:

  • maximum of 5 players per lineup;
  • no substitutions, if not “Late Exchange” functions;
  • duration - from 1 day to a week;
  • update participation at any time;
  • You can join any tournament as many as you like.

Fantasy sports online on the website of the official bookmaker 1vin is a great way to combine analytical, managerial skills and excitement.

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An example of how Fantasy Sport works at 1win casino

In order for 1win users to better understand the principles of this entertainment, we will show an example. How to play fantasy football? Football leagues are the most popular since the start of Fantasy projects. So, let’s say a client entered the Premier League and assembled a team by choosing a name. What’s next?

At the start, he receives a capital of 100 points. This is the cost of the entire team with substitutions. The 1win client assembles a team of 15 players according to any of the presented schemes: 4-5-1, 4-4-2, 3-5-2, 4-3-3 or any other. The main thing is that the goalkeeper and 10 field players were in the starting lineup. You can choose players from any team so that there are no more than 3 representatives from one club. Every player has a value. Conventionally, Holland and Salah are worth the most - 10 points, while the Brighton substitute is worth 4.5 points.

Client 1win collects the squad, taking into account the cost of the players and their positions. So, the composition is assembled, you need to choose 2 important things:

  • team captain whose fantasy points will increase x1.5 or x2, this works for negative values;
  • The first substitute from the outfield who can replace the non-playing main.

The 1st round of the Premier League starts, all 20 teams have played, you need to count the points. How are fantasy points earned?

Event Points
Game duration up to 60 minutes 1
Game duration over 60 minutes 1
A midfielder or striker plays the entire match 1
Goalkeeper goal 8
Defender goal 6
Midfield goal 5
Striker’s goal 4
Goalkeeper and defender conceded 2 or more goals -2
Yellow card -1
Red card -3
Goalkeeper saves a penalty 5
Own goal -2
Assist 3
Penalty miss -2


Of course, if a player retires from the field in the first half, receiving a direct red and not making a single useful action, he will receive -3 fantasy points in statistics. If he is the captain, his points are doubled, the loser gets as much as -6 points.
Fantasy Sport on the 1win BC website works according to a simple scheme: registration on the official website or in the application - deposit in any currency - go to the fantasy section - select a tournament and league - fee according to the rules. The conditions for participation and the amount of payments are specified in the rules of a particular league.
Go to the main page, then select the championship you want to watch. Next, the 1 win client clicks on one of his records in the left window, and all ratings for the selected online tournament will be collected in the left column.
In fantasy football on the 1win online casino website, you must select the «Live Results» section, then select the date of the match, open any match and click on the «Scoring System» button. A detailed table will open with points for each action on the field in real time.
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