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The online casino industry has existed for over 20 years, and in recent years it has been developing especially intensively. New games in 1win online casino appear almost every day - because if there is demand, there will be supply. Of course, some unique developments that can radically change the world of gambling are not released very often. However, new casino games attract others’ attention: better returns, a more thoughtful plot and original design, additional bonus levels and other chips that make the game even more interesting and profitable. Given the high level of competition, the developers are trying to make slot machines as attractive as possible and stand out from the background of other providers.

Benefits of new casino games

  • Modern design. New games feature high-quality graphics and animation, often use 3D elements and a variety of special effects.
  • The plot is in the spirit of the times. New slot machines always take into account the influence of pop culture and are based on plots that are interesting to the user today. These can be movies, avatars of musical performers, computer games, and more.
  • Experiments with gameplay. You won’t surprise anyone with standard slots with three reels, and therefore the developers began to use unique mechanics, add additional symbols, introduce non-standard game options that were not previously used in slot machines.
  • Opportunity to earn. New casino games include bonus rounds, wilds, tournaments and jackpots. The game becomes more profitable and gambling.

The best new slot machines 1win Ukraine

It is worth noting that the new slots online are no more complicated than traditional ones in terms of the game interface. It is also easy to manage them, and it is not difficult to win. But, as usual, it all depends on the random number generator and the player’s luck.

Top New 1win Games {{<year>}}

  • Wildfire Fruits
  • Lucky Jet
  • King Koko Quest
  • Lucky O’Mega
  • Jungle Book
  • Pirates Smugglers Paradise
  • Vampire Senpai

1 win Aviator. Best New Casino Game {{<year>}}

The iconic novelty of online casinos is Aviator risk game. This is a unique development from the provider Spribe. To play Aviator, you need to place one or two bets and wait for the plane to climb. If you manage to withdraw a bet with a high coefficient on time, increase your investment. If you hesitate, the plane will fly away, leaving you with nothing. For one round in this new game, you can earn up to 30,000 hryvnia.

A new word in Live games at 1win - Betgames

In fact, the 1win bookmaker already has more than 100 new games in various categories, and more than 10 thousand in total. But among all this diversity, the category “Betgames” of Live games stands out separately. It includes 12 games, among which everyone will find something of their own.

Hot 7

The player’s task is to guess in real time in a game of 7 rounds, what will be the next card: red or black? Everything is extremely simple, after winning a bet, you can cash out or take a risk and continue the game to get a bigger win. There are also bonuses for those who guessed 4 or 7 cards in a row.

Andar Bahar

Indian card game. The essence of the game is that while the dealer deals cards, the player guesses in which Andar or Bahar field the card with the same value as the joker will fall first. The advantage of the game is that due to the complexity of the forecast, the player has a high profit ratio.

Battle of the Stakes

This is a battle between the player and the dealer. The dealer deals two cards face up, with the first card always dealt to the player. Whoever has the higher value card wins. If the player and the dealer have the same cards, then it is a draw. In this case, the player can bet on one or more outcomes.

Poker 6+

A game similar to Texas Hold’em. The task is to collect the best five-card poker hand, despite the fact that the player has 7 cards.


This is almost an analogue of Texas Hold’em Poker, but with some differences. According to the rules, the player must collect the highest possible combination of five cards using two open cards.


An online game similar to Punto Banco. The game is played by two people, the player and the banker. The task of each is to collect as close as possible or equal to 9 combination of 2 cards. In this case, the cards are dealt one at a time and always start with the player.

Wheel of Fortune

A popular Live game in which you need to bet on which sector the arrow will land on at the end of the spin of the wheel: red, black, gray or the cup sector. The wheel spins every two minutes, bets can be made between spins.

Wheel classic offline

This is the same wheel of fortune. Only faster due to the fact that the game was recorded earlier. In fact, the player makes bets in the same way as in the online version, only he is shown the wheel of one of the previously recorded releases.

Lucky seven or “7 out of 42”

Essentially a lottery with a very good odds. The player can make a profit that exceeds his bet by two thousand times! The principle of operation is the same as in a regular lottery. Of the 42 balls, 7 are randomly selected and fall into the tray. The player can bet on a variety of combinations.

6 of 60

As you understand, this is the same lottery as the previous one. Only with a different number of balls and, accordingly, other possible combinations for bets.

5 of 36

For those who want something simpler. Since there will be fewer combinations in 5 balls, which means more chances to win. But the maximum profit is also less. Here, a winning bet can bring an amount that is only 1000 times the amount of the bet. The draw is the same as in a regular lottery.

Duel of Dice

Last on the list, but the very first in popularity. In this game, two dice of different colors are thrown onto the table: red and blue. The player has a wide range of options for placing a bet. Which bone will show a larger number, which number will fall out and others.


Gaming software providers release new casino games almost every day. Therefore, we regularly update the catalog of gambling games and add all the best new casino items there! Of course, new online slots appear more often. As a rule, you will find out about high-profile releases instantly - providers often hold promotional promotions, distribution of free spins and tournaments in new slot machines.
There is a game to suit every player’s taste! After all, how many gamblers - so many opinions! However, one of the loudest novelties is the 1win Aviator slot, which combines all the best from betting (sports betting) and classic slots. This new game allows you to win up to UAH 30,000 in one round! New games with a live dealer are also in demand, including original solutions from TV Beth provider.
That’s a moot point. Of course, when releasing new games, providers try to take into account all the wishes of users - they improve the graphics and musical accompaniment, add new interesting mechanics, and introduce bonus levels. However, many players remain faithful to the good old and proven slots - those on which they already know how to make money easily and quickly.
If you go to the 1win website in the “Casino” section, you will see that all new games in the catalog are placed in a separate section. There you will find all the new online slot machines as well as live dealer games. However, we are announcing the most high-profile novelties additionally - some are placed on the main page, others appear in the “Promotions” section, where new casino games with announced tournaments are presented.
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