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1win TV is considered one of the best recent innovations of the bookmaker, which has won appreciation among a large number of platform players from the first days of its appearance. This is not surprising. Where else can you find free access to watching your favorite movies, series and programs? Nowhere. And the 1win bookmaker provides such an opportunity to absolutely all visitors to the gaming site. Now here you can not only make good money, but also relax while watching high-quality videos.

1win TV

The idea of creating and implementing 1win TV

Thus, 1win bookmaker decided to expand its client audience by providing potential gamers with a unique multifunctional online cinema . This highlight of the gaming establishment from the first days struck with its quality and accessibility. And players can now periodically interrupt their bets and work with the analysis of the results, unloading their brains in the online cinema. So what is so unusual that the 1win TV application can offer us? Let’s take a closer look.

1win TV Cinema Features

The cinema of the gambling club 1win is a multifunctional advanced player, which presents a wide variety of films of all genres and directions. It occupies a separate tab on the official 1win website. This category contains a video library of files that differ from each other in the following parameters:

  • country of issue;
  • year of issue;
  • movie duration;
  • genre

For a quick search for a suitable movie, all new and popular movies are collected at the top of the section page. Below them are the rest of the files in random order, which can be pre-sorted. Each video has a direct link, clicking on which, the viewer is automatically directed to the viewing page.

At the time of the creation of this unique application, the developers of the 1vin online casino took into account all the needs and wishes of customers, so that the result would be a really worthwhile and high-quality product. That is why future viewers may not waste time and effort on the grueling search for the film.

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Filters and sorting video collections

Now on the 1win gaming platform, you can simply use the convenient function of sorting downloaded files according to the rating of world-famous services such as IMDb and KinoPoisk. Visitors to the site can check the box “ascending” or “descending”, that is, the first positions will be occupied by films with a high rating, and the last – with low. They are also asked to sort the file names alphabetically and by the date they were added. This filtering function greatly simplifies the search.

Clients of 1win casino can also use the search bar and find a movie by title. This specificity allows you not to waste time studying other films. You can find your favorite movie in just a few seconds and start watching it before your bet has won.

1win TV cinema library

Like any other platform for watching movies, 1vin online casino offers to use the familiar settings function. It is displayed as usual at the top of the institution’s website in the corner. This button is very useful, as it allows you to simultaneously set several parameters for selecting a movie. The library includes the following movie genres:

  • fantasy;
  • classic;
  • militants;
  • drama;
  • comedy;
  • thrillers;
  • horror, etc.

Movie ratings are displayed at the top of the 1win website page. On this scale, viewers will be able to set the slider in the position they wish. In addition to the slider, you can specify the range of desired numbers. They are entered in the appropriate fields. Everyone can cope with this, which greatly reduces the search. Such manual sorting is incredibly convenient and fast. The function is available both on the official website and on any working 1win mirror.

Filter in 1win TV

Immediately below this function is a filter that performs similar tasks. With it, you can quickly sort files according to time criteria such as:

  • 1 year;
  • several years;
  • a whole era.

The principle of setting the interval is the same as in the previous function. You can manually set it by entering numbers and dates in the corresponding line. Another way – scrolling the slider on the scale. The 1win TV section is filled not only with the latest innovations in the world of cinema, but also with undying classics, as well as films shot by the best directors and producers who have earned the highest awards in the film industry. The 1win bk website presents films made over the past 70 years. But with the help of a filter, you can quickly set the time period for which you are most interested in films.

There are 22 genres in the list. At the same time, several directions can be set at once if the viewer is not sure which movie he wants to watch. Still, this feature is much better than having to manually view all the available video files. Agree that it is very convenient.

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How to start browsing?

When you decide on a movie, you can safely go to its page, where there is a direct link to watch it. By clicking on it, you will be offered 2 options for broadcasting:

  • scroll trailer (short and captivating video description);
  • view the entire movie.

It is especially nice that while watching a movie you can visit the 1-win site and win a decent amount of money by betting on a certain outcome of events in the game.

On the page you will see:

  • year of release;
  • movie title;
  • genre direction;
  • duration;
  • country of origin;
  • ranking position;
  • concise description of the storyline;
  • list of actors who played the main roles;
  • director.

All this information will help you understand exactly whether you want to watch the movie or leave it for later. Often films with high ratings correspond to them, so it is better to leave such videos for viewing in the company. In addition, you can watch movies completely free of charge, while receiving, at the same time, from 1win registration bonus. This information also guarantees that you will receive 200% on your personal account after making your first deposit. Agree that it is very nice to receive such generous gifts from online casinos, and even relax while watching a popular movie.

You don’t have to spend your money to watch your favorite movie or become one of the first viewers to watch a new movie. This opportunity is offered by the 1win gaming platform.

Cinema Unique Opportunity 1 win

But most importantly, when users go to the 1win official website, they immediately see a tab with an online cinema. It doesn’t take long to find it. The only condition – you need to install the Russian version.

Compared to other portals where users are offered access to watch films on various topics, only high-quality films with high-definition images are downloaded to the 1 win platform. By the way, viewers will be able to independently set the screen resolution depending on their device, on which the 1win TV cinema is launched. It is very convenient to open the player on a mobile device when you go on a long journey and need something to distract yourself on the road. Moreover, this function is also available on a mobile phone, the main thing is to select the appropriate version after downloading the browser.

We hope we have told everything in sufficient detail to set you up to go to the 1vin TV cinema to join the beautiful. Happy viewing!


In simple words, 1win TV is a library of films of different genres and thematic areas. This is a product of the bookmaker 1win. Watching movies in this application is completely free. The main thing is to register your personal account. All information about the project is published on the official website of the casino.
Oh sure. Since the 1win bookmaker offers a fairly extensive library of movies shot in different genres. Moreover, the created base is in no way inferior to such well-known media portals as Megogo and HDrezka, which are most often used to watch movies. But the most important thing is that all the videos that are uploaded to the site are of high quality.
To start watching movies on 1win TV, the first thing you need to do is register a personal account on the official casino resource. This can be done by phone or computer. To register, you will need to provide a valid email address, mobile phone number and your name. After that, go to the main menu and open the section of the same name, which contains all the popular films over the past 70 years.
Of course you can. To watch the selected movie, you only need to have a personal account. Your account balance may be zero. The main thing is that you are logged into your account. If you have not played for virtual money at 1win TV casino before, then you definitely need to go through the registration procedure. After all, the viewing service is available only for registered users online.
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