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The first lotteries appeared hundreds and thousands of years ago. Then it was not only a chance to win a prize, but also to help your hometown. The authorities collected entrance fees, part of which went to the winning fund, and part went to repair roads, reconstruct buildings, develop and improve the city. Slaves and farm animals were often raffled off as prizes. And the poor who participated in a special free lottery, if they won, were helped to get out of poverty. Today, Ukrainian lotteries draw mainly cash prizes.

Online lotteries: types and conditions

  • Instant (or non-circulation) - provide instant winnings. Simple and uncomplicated, you will know about the victory immediately.;
  • Draw - the process of the game is divided into draws. The prize fund is formed from the tickets purchased by users. The draw is held at the appointed hour for all players at once.

Instant lotteries include scratch cards that are popular with 1win casino visitors or lottery games. A clear interface and bright design, winnings per minute are the advantages of such lotteries.

Circulation lotteries are a time-tested classic. These lotteries include:

  • Bingo
  • Sportloto;
  • National Keno game
  • SuperLoto
  • Sports forecast

The main advantage of draw lotteries is the possibility of a big win.;

How to play the lottery?

Winning the lottery is pure luck. The definition of the winning combination is based on the loss of random numbers and neither the casino nor the player can influence it.

Before the start of the game, we recommend that all visitors online casino 1win to get acquainted with the rules of the lottery and the principle of the game. All you have to do is stick to the rules and believe in your luck!

It has been statistically proven that none of the popular online strategies distributed by players guarantees victory. But we recommend that you stick to financial management strategies to effectively control your game balance and stay in the black.

What online lotteries are played in Ukraine?

  • Book of Keno
  • Quick Bingo
  • Bingo Classic
  • Keno Universe
  • Keno Pop;
  • Royal Riches
  • 5/36
  • Bankman
  • Pyramid

You can hit a big jackpot in any of the lotteries on the official website 1win Ukraine. It all depends on your luck!;

We believe that you will be able to catch your bird of happiness! But be reasonable: be content with a titmouse in your hands. The lottery is just a game and should not be taken too seriously.;

If you want to make money on gambling, you should choose more predictable and predictable entertainment in online casinos. But before that, please register or go to the site 1win login to your personal account!

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