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🎲 Games category 🎮 Average game time ⏳
Hypernards Board games 2-3 minutes
Blackjack Board games 1 minute
Poker Board games 2-3 minutes
Lottery Keno Lotteries Every 5 minutes
Wilbet Wheel of Fortune 1-2 minutes
Fruitrace Lotteries Every minute
Lucky 6 Lotteries Every 5 minutes
Battle Board games 1 minute
5 Bet Lotteries Every 3 minutes
7 Bet Lotteries Every 3 minutes
Joker Board games 1 minutes
1 Bet Lotteries Every minute
Tin Pati Board games 3-4 minutes
Mega 6 Lotteries Every 3 minutes
Andar Bahar Board games 1-2 minutes

Live games are becoming more popular every day, and therefore more diverse. Why play the same type of slot machines when you can play interesting games with a real dealer? Not only we think so, but also many players of 1win online casinos. This can be understood by how many users playing classic slots have begun to give preference to a new type of entertainment.

On this page we have collected all the most popular live games from the provider of gaming software “TVBET”. And if you are not yet familiar with this type of gambling entertainment, we recommend that you read this article. In it we will tell you what live casino games are, how to play them and what is their peculiarity. And we will do it using the example of the well-known vendor “TV Bet”.

TVbet live games: what are they and how to play them?

Live casinos, in particular 1win TV Bet games, are gambling games with a real dealer. Communication between the player and the dealer takes place through the online broadcast of the gaming hall. You see and hear what is happening in the hall, and you place bets on certain outcomes of the game. All TVBET games are made on the principle that the player makes a bet with the dealer. In fact, this can be considered a bet, but not on sports, but on the outcome of the game.

If you choose another provider in 1vin live casino, then the principles of the game may be different. For example, blackjack and baccarat will proceed according to our usual rules, when the player plays against the dealer, collecting a certain number of points from the cards. However, the TVBET provider does not have classic gambling games - only exclusives.

BET TV gambling provider: most played live casino games 1win

The vendor TVBET is primarily known for its exclusive games. There are already 15 of them, but this number is constantly increasing. Among them are the following live money games:

  • 5BET
  • 7BET
  • 1BET
  • MEGA6

We would like to draw your attention to the last three varieties that have appeared in Ukrainian online casino 1win recently. We will tell you about them in more detail.

Live game of TVbet provider Andar Bahar - game rules

A card game that appeared in the “1win TVBET” section quite recently. It was invented in India, and it gained its fame largely because of its simplicity. The card game begins with the dealer taking out a joker card, which does not change for the entire game. Then the dealer starts to put cards on the fields “Andar” and “Bahar” one by one. On whose field there was a card of the same denomination with the joker’s card, he won.

1win casino - the rules of the game Teen Patti from the provider TVBET

Another Indian card game that just recently appeared at 1 win online casino. The dealer deals three cards to two players, revealing them so that everyone can see them. The task of the players is to collect a combination of three cards. They are in the Tin Party game the same as in classic 1vin poker.

Play for money Mega 6 - rules of the game in casino 1 win

Maga 6 is a fast lottery that bears similarities to the classic Keno lottery. The croupier turns on the lottery drum and 80 balls start spinning in it. Next, 20 balls are randomly selected, which determine the outcome of the game. They are painted in different colors and have a specific number. This gives a wide variety of betting options.

Blackjack live from TvBet provider

Blackjack is an iconic card game that has been played for over four hundred years. However, blackjack live in TVBet appeared only recently. Many people already know the rules of the game, but the live mode has certain features that are worth talking about. The game of blackjack takes place between the dealer and the conditional players, and users place bets on the outcome of the game. Bets can be placed on a direct victory of the participant, a draw or other outcomes of the confrontation.

Fruitrace - a lottery in the style of slot machines

Fruitrace lottery is a gambling game that is a kind of symbiosis of the keno lottery and slot machines. 10 balls are launched into the lottery drum, on which fruits are depicted, after which they, in turn, fall into a separate compartment. A combination is drawn to the left of it, and the task of the players is to guess how many matches there will be. The more matches, the higher the coefficient by which the bet amount will be multiplied.

Lottery 1Bet from the provider TvBet

1Bet is a fast lottery that takes place every minute. After starting the lototron, 37 balls are simultaneously twisted in it. Of these, 16 are red, 16 are black and one is green. Ten seconds later, one of the balls ends up in the pipe of the lottery machine. The essence of the game is to guess the number or color of the ball. Agree, it looks a lot like something. Yes, 1Bet is an adaptation of roulette, which is made in the theme of the lottery.

Lottery Lucky 6 in live casino 1win TV Bet

Lucky 6 is an online lottery run by TV Bet gambling provider. In the lottery drum, 48 balls of eight colors are spun simultaneously. During the draw, 33 of them fall into a separate zigzag-shaped compartment. The essence of the game is to guess which balls will be in the compartment. Bets can also be placed on the color of the balls and which ball will be first or last. The draw takes place every 3-5 minutes.

TV BET - Terms of use and features of live games

Like any gambling for money, TV BET 1win games have their own rules. We invite you to familiarize yourself with them:

  • TVBET games do not have a demo mode, and games are played only for real money;
  • bets on the outcomes are made before the start of the game, after which the dealer stops accepting bets;
  • once you have made a bid, you cannot cancel it or change your mind;
  • only those players who have registered on the 1vin website can play TV Bet live games.

After reading the rules, you can safely start playing! Oh yes, the games in the “1win TVBET” section are held around the clock, so everyone will have time to play enoug. It remains only to register or make on the site 1win login, so go to the official site and start playing for money!


Live games are online gambling with a real dealer. The player connects to the video broadcast of the gaming hall and places his bets with the dealer. Often, only one player accepts the game, playing against the dealer, but there are exceptions. For example, all TV Bet games are based on the principle of bookmaker bets on a certain outcome of the game.
1win TVBET is a gaming software provider that specializes in live games with a real dealer. The peculiarity of TV BET games is that the player places bets on the outcome of the game. While most other live gambling pits the player and the croupier between themselves. Thanks to this, TV Bet games can be played by several players at the same time.
The minimum bet in games from TV Bet depends on the internal rules of the online casino. For example, at 1win casino the minimum bet is 5 hryvnia. This amount is the minimum bet in all gambling and even bookmaker bets.
Unfortunately, all 1win TvBet games can only be played for real money. The demo mode of the game is not available not only on the 1vin website, but also in other online casinos. In order to place a bet, you need to create an account for yourself and make a minimum deposit. It is in the casino 1 vin is 50 hryvnia.
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