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All bettors are well aware of the existing types of sports betting that are offered in gambling establishments. For example, you can make a usual bet on one of the football or basketball matches at BC, or you can try your luck in virtual sports, which is in the catalog of the best online casinos. However, the development of the gambling entertainment sector does not stand still - new unusual options are appearing! For example, we are pleased to announce that 1win bookmaker offers its customers innovative sports betting together with the Twain Sport provider. To understand the features of a completely new category, we recommend that you consider the developers’ proposal more carefully!

Twain sport on 1win

Twain sport 1win: features of the new betting category

Let’s start with the fact that all casino games and sports betting can bring in real money. But in addition to receiving material benefits, clients want to experience the same real emotions. And it’s no secret that not all virtual gambling entertainment copes with this task 100%. However, Twain sport provider 1win decided to take a bold step by implementing an extremely ambitious project with the participation of real athletes. This is how a special category of sports betting appeared, but in a virtual format!

Of course, it cannot be said that Twain sport 1win is betting on virtual sports in the usual sense. After all, this is not a simulation of any sporting event! The gameplay is directly related to the participation of real athletes who compete with each other to win a short match. Clients of 1win casino can watch the confrontation using live broadcasts from the Twain sport section of the same name. This way, the influence of any random number generator, probabilities and other third-party factors is excluded - everything depends only on the dexterity of the athletes themselves, as in real life!

Available sports in Twain sport

Almost all casino games and bets at a bookmaker’s office require the gambler or bettor to place a bet. In this regard, Twain sport 1win is no different from similar gambling entertainment. The client simply selects the appropriate sport and then selects one of the available match outcomes. Currently, there are two options available in this category on the online casino website:

  • Football betting - T-Kick 24/7 category.
  • Basketball betting - T-Basket 24/7 category.

Types of sports in Twain sport 1win

We also draw your attention to the fact that 1win game rules allow you to follow the progress of a particular meeting in demo mode. Thus, platform clients get free access to watch the live broadcast, but cannot place bets for real money. This is a suitable option for those who want to become more familiar with the offered functionality and the potential benefits of gambling entertainment. And now we propose to evaluate each of the available categories in more detail.


If virtual football offers bettors to bet on a simulated match, Twain sport 1vin is a live broadcast of the confrontation between two athletes. According to the rules of the game, the first one to score the most points by scoring goals into a certain goal wins. This process looks like this:

  • There are three positions on the field from which athletes need to shoot at goal. The change is made after each hit.
  • Athletes have access to six small goals in which to score goals. But points are awarded only for getting into the highlighted zone.
  • The confrontation lasts only 60 seconds. The athlete who scores the most points within a given period of time wins.


As in the previous case, basketball from Twain sport offers bettors to win real money as part of a live broadcast. But this time, athletes need to score points by hitting the basket from different positions. Parameters such as the duration of the meeting remain unchanged. But there are also differences:

  • T-Basket 24/7 offers athletes to throw the ball from four different positions.
  • In this case, shots are made only into one available basket - without any division into zones, as in football.

Basic rules of the game in Twain sport 1win

The 1vin official website in the Twain sport section offers the usual rules of the game for bettors. Even a novice user will be able to quickly understand what is happening due to the user-friendly interface and menu with tips. For example, you can familiarize yourself with the basic rules of the game in the «How to Play» section. We invite you to familiarize yourself with the basic nuances right now!

Rules of the game in Twain sport 1win

Betting modes

Currently, bettors have access to several betting modes, or rather lines. All of them are divided into additional categories for user convenience. Online bets are accepted only within the current live broadcast, which lasts 60 seconds. You can also place a bet on certain outcomes directly at the moment of the confrontation between the athletes. So, for all sports there are several betting options available, divided into categories:

  • Basic rates
  • Handicaps
  • Other
  • Total

By the way, all live broadcasts are carried out around the clock, but with a break of a few seconds between matches. Having successfully logged in 1win, you will be able to watch them at any time convenient for you. We will also add that you can track the history of your bets in the additional menu. Advanced bettors should pay attention to the possibility of making multiple bets.

Potential benefits from betting

Since this gambling entertainment is available in online casinos and was developed by the Twain sport provider with the support of BetGames, here you can determine the potential return in the long term. According to experts and publicly available statistics, gamblers and bettors can count on an impressive RTP - up to 95%! That is, you are almost guaranteed to remain in the black if you properly prepare for bets.

Let’s add that you can also implement the usual strategies for making money in the games of the Twain sport 1win provider. And if you don’t have enough information, in the «Results» section you can collect all the meeting statistics! Here, users have access to recordings of the confrontations that took place, which is very useful for those who had to disconnect from the broadcast.

Using balance

Like betting on virtual football, entertainment from Twain sport 1 win is not much different in terms of the rules for using the balance. The online casino client only requires a sufficient amount of funds in the account, which can be used for upcoming bets. To conduct transactions, users are offered a large number of different payment methods: from bank cards to cryptocurrencies. Payments of winnings are made immediately after the end of the live broadcast.

Enjoy games from Twain sport on the 1win site!

As you can see, the 1win official website offers not only immortal classics like slots and sports betting, but also very non-standard options. Providers like BetGames love innovation, so it’s no surprise that Twain Sport came into being with their extraordinary approach to betting! We recommend enjoying the new product right now on the website of the best online casino! And don’t forget that you can follow live broadcasts of matches in T-Kick 24/7 and T-Basket 24/7 even in the mobile application!


You can launch games from Twain sport in demo mode on the 1win casino website, but only after successful registration. Luckily, creating a new account won’t take you long. Online casinos only need basic profile information or access to an existing Gmail account.
There are two casino games available in the Twain sport section on the official 1vin website: T-Kick 24/7 and T-Basket 24/7. These are unique interpretations of individual confrontations between two athletes within the framework of football and basketball rules. The provider plans to expand the available online catalog in the near future!
Payment of winnings in Twain sport games on the 1win website is carried out immediately after the end of the live broadcast. That is, you will receive real money on your balance in just a minute and a half if the outcome is successful! After all, the duration of the match is only 60 seconds - an excellent alternative to virtual sports.
Betting on virtual sports differs from the games of the Twain sport provider in that in the first case the gameplay is simulated by a computer and RNG, and in the second it is a confrontation between real athletes. You will be able to follow the progress of the meeting using online broadcasts, which you can customize.
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