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1win bookmaker helps its customers earn real money in various ways. But sometimes it happens that a bettor mistakenly places a bet on an event. For example, the client may not pay attention to the coefficient, indicate the wrong amount of money for the bet, or even choose the wrong line. In this case, the question arises - how to cancel a bet on 1win?

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Can I cancel my bet on 1win

The bookmaker has clearly defined 1win game rules that apply to all customers without exception. Therefore, carefully read the relevant section available in the footer on the main page before starting the game! If we consider the question of how to cancel a bet on 1win, then everything is clear here:

  • Cancellation of a bet - it is not possible to cancel a coupon that has already been accepted by the bookmaker. Please note that the gambling establishment requests confirmation of any bet in order to avoid accidents and errors. If the client has confirmed the bet, it will not be possible to cancel it in the future! However, you can sell the bet to the bookmaker at 1win casino, compensating part of the costs.
  • Selling a bet - you can sell a bet from your personal account in the “History of bets” section. Opposite the active coupons, the “sell bet” button will be available. The amount of money that will be credited to the bettor is determined by the bookmaker. Many factors are taken into account, including actual odds, time of sale, and even the event itself.

How to cancel a bet on 1win?

Recommendations for bettors in case of a mistaken bet at 1win

Obviously, the question “how to cancel a bet on 1win” is not so simple. Rules of online casino 1win prohibit doing this for obvious reasons - to avoid speculation and fraud. The essence of bets is precisely that the bettor consciously puts money on one of the potential outcomes. But if the human factor and banal inattention intervened in the process, in addition to selling the bet, there is only one way to partially compensate for the costs. For example, you can place another bet on the opposite outcome and get back some of the money spent on the wrong side.
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