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1win JetX Flying slot machine

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You can find this modern virtual slot in the catalog of the famous online casino 1win, through the official website or by opening a 1win mirror. The main feature of this slot machine is the ability to win randomly. The result will depend only on the luck of the gamer himself.
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Reasons for the popularity of JetX

JetX online slot is a modernized gambling entertainment, which stands out for the originality of the gameplay. The player has to guess the time of the fall of the flying machine. This concept of the game heats up gambling emotions, because you can not have time to stop the plane, realize the joy at the moment of victory or disappointment in case of loss.

When a player plays JetX for real money, the hardest thing for him to do is to wait for the result. The game is very similar to the slot machine Aviator 1win, so all fans of this slot can compare it with the “one-armed bandit” from Pokermatch.

Key Features of an Online Slot

After choosing a JetX game, he is automatically transferred to the runway, where he will have to make his first bet. These funds are wagered in the first round. After launching the aircraft, it begins to take off and gain altitude. The goal of the player is to control the take-off process and quickly withdraw funds in case of a fall. Depending on the height, the size of the coefficient will also change. In the event that the player manages to stop the game process in time, he receives prize money on his balance.

The online game itself stands out for its dynamism and speed of financial transactions. Also, each gamer gets a unique chance to win a random jackpot. The minimum bet must start at $1 for this option to be active.

Interface and graphic design

JetX online game has a user-friendly interface and clear graphic design. Before you start playing for real money, you should first try your hand at the JetX demo mode. The free version will allow the gamer to explore the functional equipment of the slot machine and the placement of all the main keys as best as possible. It is this JetX tactic that guarantees future cash prizes when you upgrade to the paid version.

The main working keys are:

  • “bet” − place a bet;
  • “collect” - the key to stop the gaming machine in case of activation of the highest coefficient;
  • “place your bet” - indication of the amount of the money bet;
  • “place your bet” - make a repeat bet of the same size;
  • “cancel” - stop the game process and withdraw the money earned.

The demo version of the 1win casino online game will also allow players to choose the most winning tactics for themselves, which will lead to victory.

JetX slot at 1win casino

Why you should start playing JetX slot

The JetX virtual slot is becoming more and more popular due to the fact that it has atypical graphic design and storyline. But the most important thing is that the outcome of the event cannot be predicted in advance. The player will not be able to use a certain scheme in order to beat the gaming machine. Simply put, the virtual takeoff is accompanied by a complete improvisation of the gameplay, which is why it is of increasing interest to the players.

Features of the slot machine

The Pokermatch provider used innovative technologies and original chips to create its product, thanks to which the basic JetX game strategy really helps to win good money. The key features of the slot machine are considered to be:

  • getting winnings at the minimum stakes;
  • originality of the storyline;
  • simple and fairly clear game rules that are suitable even for beginner gamers.

The amount of winnings depends on the amount of the bet, which is multiplied by the value of the coefficient. The higher the risk of losing, the more money you can earn, as the odds will be much higher. In the event that a player notices a 2-fold increase in the coefficient, it is important for him to have time to stop slot machine JetX. If he does this, he can hit the jackpot. If you fail to pick up the cash prize the first time, do not be disappointed, it is better to try a different tactic. The main thing is to try and not give up, so go to the casino website, log in to your 1win personal account and start playing right now!


The JetX gaming machine is considered to be a non-standard development of the Pokermatch provider, in which the key feature is the constant increase in odds. It is this fact that is considered the main risk, which always remains high, since the aircraft can fall at any moment, which will lead to the loss of invested money.
JetX virtual slot is available on the official website of 1win online casino in two versions: paid and demo. The second option has its advantages, since players will not risk their own money after the launch of the slot. Also, the free mode will allow you to thoroughly study the rules of the game and choose a winning strategy for yourself.
JetX game is gaining more and more popularity among fans of gambling every day, which is due to fairly simple rules and the possibility of winning a substantial amount of money. Also, players are attracted by the original plot and the minimum bet size, which allows them to win a large cash prize.
On the official resource of the online casino 1 win, the JetX slot machine is available in two modes. It has high-quality graphic design, a clear interface, the possibility of winning the jackpot and the presence of a mobile version. Moreover, the last advantage allows players to launch the aircraft without being tied to a desktop computer.
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