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1win Mines - play Minesweeper for money!

1win Mines - play Minesweeper for money!

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Gambling doesn’t have to be complicated. All kinds of strategies, types of bets, counting several steps - you can forget about all this if you run 1win Mines. This is another high-quality exclusive from online casinos that offers quick and significant winnings within short rounds. This is not the first time that 1win website pleases its customers with current new products - we invite you to evaluate this option too! Moreover, it will seem very familiar to you, because the mechanics were based on the once popular rules from Minesweeper.
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1win Mines - basic rules of the game

The 1win Mines gambling game is another significant exclusive on the online casino site, which was able to attract a large audience. And this should not be surprising even against the backdrop of more well-known new products, because the software takes many of us back to childhood! Yes, yes, Mines online is based on the classic Minesweeper game, where you have to open one cell after another for even bigger wins. Of course, you shouldn’t forget about other opportunities that the 1win gambling establishment provides for its clients. We are talking about a convenient platform, support for the most popular currencies, a provable fairness system and much more!

1win Mines slot in 1win casino

Returning to 1win Mines, it is also worth noting that this software is completely reliable - this is confirmed by a lot of positive reviews. Moreover, this is not the only exclusive available on the platform’s website. Experienced developers have already released over ten current new products. You can evaluate all this yourself by successfully completing 1win registration. And before you go for big wins, we suggest you better study the rules of Mines online.

Start betting game

1win Mines allows you to compete for real money using the well-known rules of the classic Minesweeper game. That is, the gambler needs to decide on the desired bet amount, and then gradually open the cells on the playing field. The round itself will continue until the user lands on a square with a mine. To understand how the final winning amount is calculated, it is worth considering several nuances:

  • Before setting the required bet amount, the gambler must indicate the number of mines that will be hidden on the playing field. The more traps in 1win Mines that are selected before the start of the round, the higher the potential winnings. Obviously, this is associated with a certain risk, because the size of the playing field remains unchanged.
  • The maximum possible winning amount is indicated in advance for the convenience of the gambler. This way you can choose the most suitable option.
  • At 1win casino, the Mines slot game pays out winnings instantly after the end of the round.
  • The total duration of a round on average is no more than one minute.

1win Mines play in the online casino 1win

We also remind you that a loss at Mines casino will be counted the moment the gambler opens a cell with a hidden mine. The game does not include any other nuances or additional rules. As you can see, this is an excellent option for beginners and those who want to quickly earn the required amount of money.

Online statistics

Mines Casino also allows all users to study online statistics of the latest rounds. Moreover, this applies not only to those sessions that were conducted directly by the gambler himself, but also by other 1win visitors. Such information will be useful to those who are accustomed to implementing popular strategies. In turn, novice players have the opportunity to explore the most profitable options, based on the experience of active clients.

All available settings in 1win Mines

In Mines 1win you can take advantage of several additional settings for an even more memorable experience. For example, the software allows you to adjust the volume of background music and sound effects, change the screen size, quickly select the account to use for bets, and also study a detailed section with the rules.

If we talk about the technical capabilities of Mines online, the game is perfectly adapted for mobile devices. You can control the game process using the touchscreen, and for greater convenience we recommend downloading 1win application on Android or iOS. You will find the corresponding links on the official online website casino 1vin.


You can launch 1win Mines on an online casino website or in a mobile application by going to the main catalog with available gambling entertainment. There you will find a category with exclusive games from the club’s developers. You can start the game if you have your own account and a positive balance.
The Mines 1win game actually supports instant withdrawal of funds to the user’s main balance. After completing the gaming session, the casino client can freely dispose of the winnings received. The platform offers dozens of popular payment systems and currencies to choose from.
There are no additional restrictions in the 1win Mines online game. The client will only need his own account and a positive balance. The gameplay itself allows you to bet with real money only in the available range, which varies depending on the previously selected currency.
Mines demo version is available to clients of the 1win online casino only as part of visual testing. That is, you can launch the game, study its interface and even Live statistics. But bets are accepted only with real money - there is no bonus balance for the Mines game.

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