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It's no secret that the most famous card game in the world is poker. People have been playing poker for over five hundred years, and during this time it has become an absolutely cult phenomenon in the gambling industry. This is a fairly simple game, and it won't be difficult to learn how to play poker, but at the same time playing it you can earn millions. It is not surprising that poker has migrated to the Internet, and now millions of people can play poker online from anywhere in the world.

Online poker has several varieties:

  • Multiplayer poker. This is the most popular type, as it is the easiest to play: you just need to open a browser, or download a poker game to your smartphone.
  • Live poker. One of the most effective ways to feel like in a real Las Vegas casino, and play online poker with the same fans of the game. The user connects to the online broadcast, where he sees a real gaming table and a croupier who can prompt the poker rules at any time.
  • Single-player poker. A great way to learn how to play poker without risking real money.
  • Video poker. For those who like to play poker online and spin slots, the developers have come up with an excellent offer - video poker. The player can collect a poker hand and win the jackpot by playing their favorite slots online.

The biggest winnings in online poker at online casinos

There are many lucky ones who have hit the jackpot and made a fortune playing online poker. Poker championships and tournaments have always had substantial prize money, and all a participant needs to do to get it is to play online poker better than the rest. We've put together a list of the wildest poker wins and biggest wins.

  • Antonio Esfandiari It happened in 2012. American Antonio Esfandiari managed to hit the biggest jackpot in the history of poker competition - $ 18 million. As he later admitted: it was very useful to him that he studied poker strategy and statistics for many years.
  • Daniel Coleman Another American who played poker at the WSOP and won a whopping prize money. The lucky guy was so exhausted that he didn't show a single holiday emotion after winning $ 15 million in online poker.
  • Jamie Gold The most controversial victory in the history of the WSOP tournament took place in 2006, and it belongs to another American, Jamie Gold. The player received many charges of foul play, but this did not stop him from picking up the largest prize money at that time - $ 12 million.

The best way to play poker online is 1win

At 1win casino you can not only play all the known types of the most popular card game, but also learn how to play poker. Immediately after you master the rules of poker, we invite you to play the best online poker in Russian. 1win has the widest selection of card games and the largest online poker multiplayer mode.


How to win at 1win online poker?

To win online poker, you need to learn the rules of the game thoroughly. It's not difficult at all! The main thing is to remember the winning combinations. And, of course, you shouldn't make rash bets and raise them when you are not confident in your hand. Remember the main thing: in poker, sometimes it is better to fold than to lose the entire pot.

How to play poker online with friends?

Both online poker and offline, the game is played according to the same rules. Players place their bets in turn, and your main task is to stay last at the table. That is, take the bank of rivals. We hope this doesn't hurt the friendship, because online poker is made for fun! And money only heats up the excitement!

How to play online poker correctly?

On the 1win affiliate website, you will find dozens of variations of the popular intellectual game. In our casino you can test demo versions of online poker and beat the computer. After registering and replenishing your balance, you will be able to play for real money. To play for real, we recommend live games. Online poker for money is much more interesting when the game is played in real time against real opponents - the same players as yourself.

Where to play poker for money online?

Online poker on the 1win site is fun and profitable! We run tournaments with big prize money, and the range of entertainment for a poker player will not leave indifferent any beginner player or a poker shark! Where to play poker online? Only on the official 1win website, no options!