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If you have been fond of online money games for a long time, then most likely you have heard about the game Aviator Spribe. If you have just started diving into the fascinating world of gambling, then it's time to get acquainted with one of the most popular entertainments. As you already understood, we will talk about the Aviator gambling game. In this article, we will explain what this game is and how to play it. Along the way, let's touch on the topic of strategies in fast online games and how to apply them in the Aviator game.

What is the online game Aviator

Online game Aviator is a flight simulator in which you watch an airplane take off. However, your job is not to observe, but to place a bet on how high the plane will take off. With every second of the flight, the plane gains altitude, and along with it, the coefficient that multiplies your rate takes off. The Aviator game is loved by all players primarily due to the fact that one bet can multiply the winnings by more than 100 times. In addition, the rules of the Aviator game are as simple as possible and understandable to every gambler.

How to play 1vin Aviator game

The game begins with a bet that you must place on how high the plane will take off. It is important to understand that a plane in the Aviator online game can take off in less than a second or more than a minute. As part of the game, you have to try on the role of an adventurer pilot. You will have a choice: take risks, obeying the desire for heights, or choose a less risky, but correct height.

Having made a bet on a certain height, you just have to wait for the result, therefore the rules of the Aviator game are quite simple.

Aviator slot machine: rules and conditions of the game

The first thing you need to know about Aviator online is that the game is played in multiplayer mode. This means that together with you, many other players are placing bets who, just like you, want to win.

Your task is to predict the altitude at which the plane will finish its takeoff. Recall that the flight altitude is equal to the coefficient. Having bet on the odds, you just have to hope that the plane will exceed its height, because only in this case the bet will work. If the plane took off higher than indicated in your rate, then its amount is multiplied by a certain coefficient. Bets, heights, odds - it's not so difficult and confusing, so let's take a look at the Aviator online game using an example.

Let's say we made a bet on odds 3. We are only satisfied with the outcome if the plane takes off higher than this odds. For example, a height of 3 or more is satisfactory for us, but 2.99 or less is no longer. If successful, the amount of our bet will be multiplied by the odds on which we bet, that is 3. Also, when playing the Aviator slot machine, you can place a second bet to reinsure the outcome of the first bet.

1win Aviator: strategies and secrets of the slot machine for money

Most likely you have heard that there can be no strategies in fast money games. This sounds quite logical, since the outcome of the game depends on a random number generator, which makes it impossible to predict the outcome. Although we agree with this opinion, we are convinced that the Aviator is a game of a completely different principle. Its main difference from other similar fast games and slot machines is that the game takes place in multiplayer mode. While quick games generate an outcome for each player separately, Aviator casino game has only one single outcome.

Thanks to this, the Aviator slot machine has patterns in the result that can be used for strategies. To your attention the most popular and proven Aviator strategies:

  • We will start with the most correct strategy in the game Aviator online, namely: bet on 1.1. Even if the 1.1 odds won't bring you big wins, it will be winning with a 99% probability. The fact is that the outcome, the coefficient of which is less than 1.1, happens on average once in a hundred games. Considering that 10 won bets at odds of 1.1 will earn you your original bet, this seems like a very profitable strategy.
  • Move on to the next strategy aviator. Its essence lies in the regularity and depends on what outcomes were in the previous rounds. The regularity is that in the Aviator game there are no more than 5 outcomes in which the odds are less than 2. If you see that 5 previous rounds ended with less than 2, then feel free to bet on 2 or more.
  • The most risky strategy from all presented, but at the same time the most profitable. Just like the previous one, it will be based on the pattern of outcomes. The fact is that odds of 10 or more, for obvious reasons, are not so common. However, at least once every 15-20 rounds, it will definitely be. It is quite difficult to know when exactly it will be, but it is quite possible if you follow the history of flights.

Here you need to understand that Aviator is a gambling game in which there is no proven strategy, so you should not completely rely on them. Almost every one of them is based on a pattern that can be violated.

Aviator online tips

As in any other gambling game, such as 1win poker or popular 1 win live games, before playing for real money, we advise you to practice in the demo version. This way you will quickly understand the essence of the game Aviator Spribe, without risking your personal funds. We also advise you to keep track of the won bets made by other players. Conveniently, in this online game, you can track the bets won and the flight history, analyzing the winning outcomes.

This is the main advice: analyze your flight history. This will help you reduce risks to a minimum and win regularly. By looking for patterns, you yourself will soon be able to create your own Aviator game strategies.

Where to play Aviator Spribe

We have already described what Aviator Spribe is, how to play it, and even analyzed several popular strategies. It remains only to find out where it can be found. There are many playgrounds on the Internet in which you will find the Aviator online game, because this is one of the most popular entertainment. However, we advise you to give preference to 1win online casino.

Besides the fact that 1win casino has the largest selection of gambling games in Ukraine, there is also a bonus for registration. We will not even tell you about all the other features of our official site, since it is better to see it once.


How to play Aviator online?

Playing Aviator online is quite simple and at the same time exciting. In order to start playing, you need to place a bet and monitor the flight of the plane. try again. Aviator is a slot machine with a fairly simple gameplay, so everyone can figure it out.

What are the strategies in Aviator Spribe?

Unlike many other fast money games, Aviator is an online game in which you can use strategies. In most cases, they are based on the regularity of the results of the rounds. You can read the most popular strategies in the Aviator game a little higher. However, by opening flight history, you can independently find patterns and make a strategy out of them.

What is the minimum bet in the 1win Aviator game?

The minimum bet in the Aviator game depends on the club in which you decide to play for money. In 1win online casino, the minimum bet in the Aviator game is UAH 1. The same amount will be the minimum bet in all other fast gambling games on our official site.

What is the lowest odds on the 1 win Aviator slot machine?

This question is of interest to many players of our portal, because, based on this, it is possible to place bets in the Aviator game with minimal risk. The scale of coefficients originates from mark 1, but this figure is very rare. Most often the plane in Aviator game rises to a factor of 1.5.