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1win Lucky Loot online slot

1win Lucky Loot online slot

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Most recently on 1win official website has a new game to choose the ratio - Lucky Loot.

The rules in Lucky Loot are as simple as possible - you need to choose a bet level. The system automatically determines the coefficients. The player for each of his moves must choose the multiplier that he thinks will play. If the choice turns out to be correct, the numbers in the side screens and the “radar” will turn green in victory. If the bet turns out to be wrong - in red.

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Lucky Loot slot interface

It’s hard to imagine such a laconic design for a popular game. Visually, on the main screen, we see an imitation of a tablet. It is divided into three segments. The opposite windows display the level of winnings in terms of the bet, taking into account the coefficient.

In the central field, a round screen is presented as a radar. It does not carry any game function and does not display the results - it just adds some animation to the Lucky Loot game. Under the round radar there are buttons “more” and “less” under which the values of the coefficients are displayed. On the left side of the “tablet” is the “history” tab and the game chat.

On the “history” tab, you can view current and past bets and win statistics in Lucky loot online. The bottom panel contains buttons that determine the bet level, minimum and maximum, as well as a window for the current bet and the total balance.

1win Lucky loot

Lucky Loot for money - how to play 1win

In order to access the game you need register in 1win mirror. This can be done using several suggested options:

  • in one “click”;
  • using a mobile phone number or e-mail;
  • by logging in with your social media account.

Staking on virtual credits is not available in the Lucky Loot demo. Actually, in a free game, there is not much point, because. The interface is as simple as possible and there is practically nothing to get acquainted with. According to numerous online reviews in Lucky loot, everything depends on the strategy. Let’s talk about them further.

Lucky Loot Slot Strategy

So, as in many games of this format, Lucky loot has several options for conditional strategies for winning.

Here are some of them:

  • Minimum bid strategy. Those. in this option, it is necessary to focus on the choice of the minimum coefficient. Then the principle of low volatility works and you can regularly receive small but constant payments.
  • A moderate strategy. It implies an average betting option in Lucky Loot 1win, when the game is played at an average bet and low and high multipliers are alternately selected. Then with a probability of 40-50% there is a chance to get a real increase in the deposit.
  • Aggressive strategy for high rollers. The optimal strategy for those who like to “play for high stakes”. So, at the maximum bet, the highest odds are selected. This strategy can both bring the coveted win, and completely bankrupt - accordingly, it is the most risky.

1win Lucky loot

Online game recommendations

In order to definitely enjoy and play Lucky Loot without risk, you should follow these recommendations:

  • The most important thing is to choose a reliable casino with a license, history, and millions of 1win positive reviews on the network;
  • Read all Lucky Loot provider terms and conditions;
  • Study the betting statistics on the “history” tab and try to identify the system;
  • Determine for yourself one of the possible strategies and stick to it;
  • Do not exceed the time spent in the game and not the level of the maximum bet.

Considering these and the previous recommendations, there is a real opportunity to enjoy the process at the Lucky loot casino and not lose the entire deposit in a series of rash acts. We are waiting for you at 1win official website.


There are no absolutely winning strategies. The random number generator still works fine. But there are certain tactics, adhering to which you can achieve a stable result and get a plus to the deposit. Since Lucky loot is a multiplier selection game, the strategies are appropriate. With a choice of minimum, variable and maximum coefficient.
Unfortunately, this type of game is not available for playing in demo mode. This is due to the fact that the provider does not try to lure the client with a design or a complex set of bonus options - playing Lucky Loot is as simple as possible and you can immediately play for real money and without the risk of getting entangled in the intricacies of drop-down reels.
Only in a reliable and verified casino with a license. This is the online casino 1win. Having an official license and a long-term positive reputation, the bookmaker guarantees that the game at Lucky Loot 1win will be absolutely transparent. In addition, the operator boasts a unique set of features not available on other platforms and the optimal processing speed of transactions for the withdrawal of winnings.
Like the design, the rules of the game in Lucky Loot are as simple as possible. Use the buttons at the bottom of the game screen to set the bet level. And then using the buttons under the radar - select one of the two coefficients (more or less). If the bet wins, the interface will notify you of this with a green light, if not, with a red one.
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