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Towers 1win is a new exclusive game!

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New gambling entertainment can surprise experienced gamblers only in two cases: if they offer an unusual theme or innovative game mechanics. The developers of online casino 1win decided not to stop there, offering something special. Meet Towers online - a new exclusive from the in-house studio, capable of winning the hearts of even the most demanding gamblers. Visit official 1win website to experience this hot hit in person! You are waiting for really big wins, a new modern theme and a few more favourable surprises!
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Towers 1win - game description

Towers 1win is another exclusive software from online casino developers, which boasts excellent quality and high reliability. But if the platform used to emphasise the popular genre of crash games, now gamblers can plunge into a completely different atmosphere. After all, Towers online - a kind of interpretation of the game in “Sapera”, where you need to gradually move through the playing field, avoiding mines. However, the new theme offers a more modern version, where instead of the usual traps are set “viruses”, and their number is determined by the gambler himself.

Also note that Towers 1win has all the same technical advantages as other online casino exclusives. For example, you can manually verify the reliability of the GCH in this software. For this purpose, automatic hash generation is provided, which you can copy and check on any online generator yourself. 1win rules games allow you to use this functionality at any time without any restrictions.

The basic rules and mechanics of Towers online

In Towers online implemented simple rules that will help to master even novice gamblers. First you need to decide on the desired amount of bet - it can be adjusted using the control panel. The gameplay itself proceeds as follows:

  • The beginning of the game - as soon as the bet is set, you need to choose the number of “viruses” that will be used on each of the following levels. On each of them, the gambler needs to open one cell of the four available. The amount of potential winnings in Towers 1win is displayed directly below the playing field.
  • The outcome of the round - the essence of the game in Towers casino comes down to the fact that the gambler needs to try to reach the maximum level, avoiding traps in the form of “viruses”. The coefficient will gradually increase as you progress. Withdraw funds can be withdrawn at any time. If the gambler opens a cell with a trap, then a loss is counted and you need to start the round again.

Winnings are paid instantly after the round is over. Therefore, you can use the money earned for a new game. Your betting history is saved directly in Towers 1win, so you can track your own statistics.

1win Towers slot в казино 1win

Additional features of the Towers casino game

The Towers slot game has several other significant advantages when compared to the software that is usually offered by most providers. To unlock its full potential, we recommend that you explore the available features at 1win online casino in advance. You can also run Towers demo on the platform’s website for free and without registration.

Mobile App

Towers slot machine is initially adapted to run on various mobile platforms. That is, you can make real money literally on the go using the official app from the online casino. On the 1win website, you will find two mobile versions: for Android and iOS. Gamblers are also invited to download a desktop application for Windows. All of these programmes allow you to unlock the full potential of Towers online, namely the mobility and speed of the gameplay.

Bonuses from 1win casino

Even more winnings at Towers slot can be obtained with the help of favourable casino offers. For example, 1win bonuses will provide a guaranteed option to return lost funds - up to 30% of the amount. Increase the weekly cashback can each client: for this purpose, you do not need to activate a loyalty programme or perform complex conditions. Just make more bets for money in casino games, thereby increasing your benefits! We also recommend you to pay attention to other promotions that can be used at Towers 1win:

  • No deposit bonuses with easy wagering.
  • Deposit bonus +500% for new customers.
  • Loyalty programme that allows you to earn virtual currency and exchange it for real money.
  • Regular promo codes with random prizes for all games from the online casino catalogue.

All current casino offers for Towers slot games can be found in the Bonuses and Promotions sections of the 1win website. Regular tournaments, large prizes, no complicated wagering rules - all this is available to all registered customers of the platform without any restrictions!


In the Towers 1win casino game, you can count on high bet multipliers. Their final value depends on the selected difficulty. For example, with a minimum bet of $0.1 and three active traps, you can win up to $500 - the potential amount of money in always displayed before the game starts.
The Towers slot exclusive is available to launch immediately after registration at 1win online casino for all customers without exception. You will quickly find the exclusive catalogue in the main menu of the site. Moreover, you can explore all the presented software in demo mode and only then play for real money.
At Towers, you can play from the official 1 win casino site, as well as from all available mobile versions of the platform. If the available resources are blocked in your region, use the working mirrors. They use a single database, and therefore all online entertainment will be available to you always!
In the game Towers online you can use a lot of additional settings to increase your comfort. For example, the software allows you to change the size of the screen, adapting it to the desired screen size. There are options to mute the sound, study the statistics of other gamblers, and quickly deposit money into your account.

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