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Sports betting is one of the oldest gambling entertainments. There are so many references to them that you can even find them in the history of Ancient Rome. Totalizator still differs from classic betting. Although this does not become less interesting, and even vice versa. He gathers a real stir around him, and not only among professional bettors.

Because of this 1win bookmaker added popular entertainment to its range. Thanks to this, all members of our community got the opportunity to join the world of sports betting. Moreover, if the bettor is lucky, he can win a solid reward. And unlike classic betting, sometimes there is a jackpot in the totalizator. Therefore, the lucky one will be able to get a really impressive win.

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1win bk tote what is it?

Tote or “toto” is another option for how you can make money on sporting events. However, it has a number of differences from traditional betting, more in favor of simplified rules. So it is toto that beginners in bookmakers choose in the first place. And after that, having understood the nuances, they can begin to understand the rates in more depth. Let’s find out why this happens.

Tote features:

  • Toto in sports competitions is a bet on the result of a competition, on the score in a particular game, or on the number of goals scored. That is, in fact, the exact rules are set not only by the bookmaker, but also by specific events. But for the most part, the rules are always simpler and clearer than in classic betting;
  • Participants never know in advance the amount they can receive. Since the prize pool is formed from all bets on the event;
  • The lion’s share of the total fund is received by those who guessed all the outcomes. The rest is divided among those who are less fortunate;
  • Toto, depending on the sporting event, may have a jackpot. This is especially common online.

At first, sweepstakes were in land-based establishments, where visitors were asked to fill out a paper form. It offered various events or outcomes that could be bet on. Now the rules in online casinos are similar, but migrated to the Internet. Therefore, it is possible to place bets and fill in similar virtual coupons in online bookmakers. And we offer to get your first or new experience in our bookmaker 1win.

Varieties of sports betting

There are several main varieties of toto that are most in demand. The most famous are “1x2”, as well as “Correct Score”. In addition, there are sweepstakes for various sports disciplines. So those who want to risk to win and get nice 1win bonuses have plenty to choose from. Let’s find out the nuances of the varieties of gambling entertainment in more detail.

Types of sweepstakes on the site:

  • “1x2” is the most demanded and popular betting option among bettors. So it is with him that we propose to begin the analysis of the rules. Under standard conditions, in a 1x2 toto, you need to guess the outcomes of matches, usually choosing up to 15 events. In this case, the coupon is considered winning if at least 9 events were guessed. “1x2” are both with one specific sport, and mixed.
  • “Correct Score” is not as common, but still in demand among bettors. It differs from “1x2” in that you need to guess much fewer events. But the prize that can be picked up is usually also significantly smaller. The rules are simple: in the coupon you need to mark and guess the exact score of at least two of the eight matches.
  • Now there are many variants of toto, optimized for different sports disciplines. For example, tennis, basketball and football sweepstakes are especially in high demand. They also help players win real money.

Totalizator in 1win

Tote at the races - how it works

This is a special kind of toto because it was one of the first. In this case, bets were placed on outcomes in horse racing. The event is still popular today, and sports tote for horse racing is also offered in various offices.

Usually, players need to make a bet trying to predict the winner of the race or the specific location of the horse. As in all other varieties, the prize fund is formed from the total number of bets made.

1vin tote online and betting - differences

Classic betting has a lot of differences from sweepstakes. It is for this reason that beginners often start betting with toto. So we propose to take a closer look at the basic differences.

Difference between bookmaker and toto:

  • Jackpot. Having guessed all the events in the draw, the player can receive significant funds in the form of a jackpot. It does not exist in the line. However, there is no way to find out in advance what the size of the most coveted prize will be;
  • There are no coefficients in the totalizator, as such. The results are calculated individually for each draw, where each bettor is taken into account;
  • In addition, there is no way to know in advance what the prize pool will be. It is determined already by the fact of all bets made;
  • Also, there are significantly fewer options in the totalizator on what you can bet on. There is much more variety in the line. However, for many this is a plus;
  • All strategies or any “secrets” on how to increase the chance of winning are not relevant. In this case, they simply do not exist;
  • The set of matches or other events on which you can bet is limited by the organizer.

How to win in sports betting

There are no special secrets about how the sweepstakes allows you to win prizes. So both beginners and professionals can get a reward. However, there are several factors to consider before placing a bet. First of all, as a guest of our portal, you will need 1win registration. Next, you need to replenish the deposit, after which new users will be able to receive a bonus.

Tote in the casino 1win

How to win online sweepstakes:

  • Evaluate the upcoming event by highlighting clear favorites for yourself. Analyze the standings, the level of motivation of teams;
  • Find out if players have been suspended or injured. Since these moments can also greatly affect the result;
  • It is estimated that the host side wins about 45% of all cases. So in case of doubt, many use this particular statistic, betting on the hosts.

However, the main rule is the willingness to lose. Therefore, it is important to bet the amount that you are ready to give. Remember responsible gambling. Use only personal and available funds, considering the sweepstakes as a hobby.

Good reviews about 1win casino can be found on all gambler resources where they communicate beginners and experienced players. Many forums are actively developing and inviting newcomers. On many sites on the Internet you can find like-minded people and get useful information about the work casino and bookmaker 1-win absolutely free.

Sports betting on 1win website

Do you want to take part in the sweepstakes, but the office’s official website is not available? This does not mean that our portal is closed. Just for technical reasons, it does not start. And in this case, we suggest our users to use a working mirror. This is a complete copy of the site, which has the same content and the same sections.

Therefore, everyone can join the event by finding a link to the working mirror. Such information can be found on the company’s social networks, mailing lists or by writing to the casino’s technical support.


Yes, depending on the specific event, 1win betting shop online can have a jackpot. You can get it provided that the player has guessed all the events in the draw. Then the event participant will receive a solid cash reward. Winning the jackpot on the resource is not so easy, but quite real.
Yes, we offer the official 1win online betting site for money to all registered users. This gambling entertainment gives everyone the opportunity to win real money. True, it should be borne in mind that the rules of toto are significantly different from traditional sports betting. So it’s important to get to know them first.
Yes, 1win official website sports betting provides everyone on an equal footing. Therefore, all players have the same chances - both for beginners and professionals. Because of what, everyone can win real money in Toto. In addition, the grading system is absolutely fair and transparent.
Yes, football betting at the 1win bookmaker is one of the most popular. First of all, because football itself is a sport discipline loved by many. So all users will be able to fill out an online coupon and test their luck. The main thing before this is to familiarize yourself with all the rules.
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