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Hockey betting online in 1win

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1win bookmaker offers its customers the opportunity to make a variety of bets on well-known sports disciplines, including and hockey betting. This sport is in demand among bettors who choose different strategies and ways to make a winning bet that brings good profits.

In addition, such online hockey betting tactics have a clear advantage, which lies in their reliability and the likelihood of a positive outcome. For this reason, most of the clients of the 1win bookmaker choose this particular discipline in order to win, as they consider it the most profitable and attractive.

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Internet betting on hockey: features of tactics from BC 1win

Hockey is a kind of sports discipline that is characterized by its dynamism. According to this parameter, it overtakes even such a popular sport as football. Throughout the gameplay, spectators can watch a lot of goals scored and a large number of removals of players from the ice. That is why there are incredibly many options for betting on hockey on the 1vin site and the results of the outcome of the game. In order for sports betting on hockey to bring a stable income, it is important to thoroughly study statistics of the games of each team, the physical fitness of all its participants, as well as to monitor all the news preceding the event.

In the season of hockey games, a fairly large number of matches are held. Due to this, the importance of winning one team is much lower compared to the victory of the team, for example, in a sport such as football. Given this pattern, experienced betters, judging by the reviews on 1-win, prefer to bet on hockey Ukraine, choosing the total and handicap. Often, viewers can watch incredible rises in the standings of the team that was originally at the very bottom, but it incredibly managed to overtake the leaders.

NHL betting: the most winning options

All 1win mirror customers can count on not only pleasant sign-up bonuses on the official resource, but also on the possibility of using winning strategies that increase the chances of winning in hockey betting in particular.

The most profitable and effective methods of betting on hockey, which bring a stable profit, are considered to be:

  • fast puck;
  • 2 teams to score;
  • puck into an empty net;
  • scoring the first goal;
  • puck advantage;
  • In one period total from 1.5.

Even with such a variability of results, the probability of losing the invested funds from the gaming account still remains. But in the case of the systematic application of one of the proposed strategies, this risk can be minimized. Total over 1.5 is considered one of the most common and classic types of tactics in online hockey betting, as it works in 8 games out of 10. At the same time, tactics are used mainly in big leagues, among which are the NHL, KHL, the major leagues of Finland, Germany and Austria, etc.

The best hockey betting strategies from 1win

But still, the best strategy in live hockey betting is considered to be the one in which the better guesses which of the two teams will score a goal first. According to statistics, the hockey club that concedes fewer goals scores first.

When choosing odds for bets in hockey according to the principle of the “Two teams to score” strategy, you can not count on an attractive outcome of the event. The only thing that betters can make an express bet on 3 events and get a decent profit and a 1-vin bonus for this.

Experienced players are advised to choose in sports betting on hockey those in which the choice is made on which team will score the puck into an empty net. The demand for it is due to the fact that in many games, when they are nearing completion, and one of the teams is 1-2 goals behind the other, the coach puts the goalkeeper on the field as an additional player. Thus, the gates are defenseless.

How to bet on hockey online using the system - working strategies from bookmaker 1 win

Players who are emotionally tuned to any result, and also have a resistance to losses, gain experience and stock up on knowledge in order to test them in live hockey betting. During the selected match, the 1vin betting company can open additional opportunities for its customers to place bets on the NHL, which increases their reasonable interest.

In order to bet on a prematch, you must first study in detail the calendar of planned games, news and a large list of factors that play an important role in the outcome of the match. At the same time, when betting on hockey online, one should not forget about such a criterion as team fatigue. This indicator is considered decisive at the time of choosing a winning strategy. The chances of one team winning twice with a fairly tight schedule are usually slim to none. The statistics are merciless and if the team has to play the day after the overtime has occurred, they often lose. Betting on hockey with high odds for such a team should be taken critically.

Variety of betting games от букмекера 1win

Before placing a bet, betters should familiarize themselves with the entire list of types of bets on hockey on 1win bookmaker in order to choose the appropriate option for themselves. After that, it is worth analyzing which ones are the most effective from the point of view of professional players.

Bets on the outcome

Such live hockey bets imply the victory of the first or second team, or a draw. Due to the fact that the 1win bookmaker often offers minimum odds on leaders, preference should be given to the victory of the underdog team or a draw. A strong team can lose accumulated points if it loses the players who showed the highest results. But it is worth recalling that hockey is recognized as one of the most unpredictable sports disciplines. That is why the bookmaker offers high odds for betting on Ukrainian hockey for many matches.

Total bets

Total is the number of goals that are scored in a certain period of time or for the entire match. Therefore, the effectiveness of the battle on the ice is much more effective than on the football field.

Handicap bets

Fora is a wager that has a small adjustment to a certain result. For example, choosing a handicap of 2.5 means that the team you are betting on in hockey must win by at least 3 goals or more.

Advice from bookmaker 1-win

In order to make correct predictions for matches and, accordingly, realistically evaluate the performance of bets on hockey from a bookmaker, you should focus on the recommendations of experienced experts.

Some of them below:

  • Before starting the game, it is worth identifying an outsider and thoroughly studying his psychological and physical condition. Often, underlogs take the victory due to the high performance of several players. And if these performers are disqualified during the match for certain reasons, the game of the entire team will be disrupted. For this reason, a strong team will easily defeat their opponent, while scoring the maximum possible number of goals. In this case, it is worth betting on hockey for a handicap or total.
  • After a detailed analysis of the weak team, it is time to study the preparation of the leader’s team. When not a strong player is declared at the gate, and some of the favorites do not take the ice for good reasons, an outsider can also win the match.
  • Before placing a bet, it is worth taking into account all the previous matches played. Bets on the NHL are distinguished by high odds, as the games are productive. Statistics collected by based on 1win reviews.
  • Don’t forget about the team coach. If he was replaced by another before the game, changes in the game of the team itself are allowed, as the style of the gameplay changes.

Tactics is the definition of patterns in the game, which are observed in each match. When drawing up a strategy, each expert takes a certain amount of information for this, which may differ in its content. Therefore, it is also important for a better to have a certain set of knowledge in order to bet on odds in hockey thoughtfully and carefully.


Online betting on hockey has recently gained more and more popularity among bettors. It is due to such advantages as a large number of matches, a variety of markets for statistics, high performance, which affects the entertainment of the competition itself. Therefore, even a novice better can earn good money by betting on hockey.
Sports betting on hockey, like all other types of betting, can have not only positive, but also negative sides. Among the main disadvantages are a small number of match broadcasts and low limits. Basically, only major tournaments are broadcast on screens. They can also be downloaded on mobile devices using the built-in player.
There are several types of live hockey bets. The betting company 1win offers to bet real money on such types as the outcome of the match, double chance, handicap and total. Additionally, the company’s clients are invited to bet on the number of penalty minutes, puck throw-ins, the number of pucks that will be scored by specific players, etc.
To earn good money, 1win bookmaker recommends following a few basic tips. Bets on hockey will be winning if you study in detail the strengths and weaknesses of the favorite and the outsider before the start of the game. Also, the better should familiarize himself with the statistics of previous matches.
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