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Football is a great game that has connected many people around the world. Every year, different teams from many countries delight us with great matches and spectacular championships. Many true fans of this sport simply love to charge at their favorite club and look forward to the start of the match. 1win football betting is not just a “game”, but a whole culture that is studied and loved!

1win official site is doing its best to please the fans and has created an excellent line of bets specifically on football. After all, it is one of the most popular sports in the world. Of course, 1win bk specializes not only in football, but also in other sports: hockey, basketball, fights without rules. You can find all this from them!

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1win soccer betting

Football bets today occupy a very large niche in the bookmaker’s betting line. This is due to the huge number of championships. Top championships, like: Premier League, Serie A, LaLiga, Ligue 1, Bundesliga, as well as weaker championships, but no less interesting: NOS League, Eredivisie and so on. Also, don’t forget about the Champions League. In this championship, the best of the best in their respective leagues clash and fight for the title in incredible matches. Champions League betting has become a separate niche and even the most dispassionate fan will be ready to bet on the Champions League final.

Do not forget that users are not fed up with uniform rates. Various promotions and bonuses, as well as 1win slot machines have become a stumbling block for many visit site. You can play them online with minimal resources.

How to place your first bet

Of course, this is an axiom: football betting today is one of the main lines that the 1vin bookmaker can offer the user. In order to make it easy for any user, even a beginner, to master the use of the site, everything is done as simply and intuitively as possible. Consider How to place your first bet on football with 1win.

Immediately after entering the 1win site, you will see a user-friendly interface that will help you place your first bet in the future. But first you should register and 1win registration can help you with this. Immediately after that, you have a wide range of different possibilities.

Then you need to select the desired sport, in our case it is football, and you will see a very large number of championships. From above, of course, the top 5 championships around the world flaunt and we will list them again: the Premier League, LaLiga, Ligue 1, Serie A and of course the Bundesliga. Often it is in these leagues that the most interesting matches take place, on which you can bet with 1win bet.

In addition to the top championships on 1win, there are other, sometimes even too exotic, leagues on which you can also place your bet. The championships of the Netherlands, Japan, China, Austria, Argentina, Mexico and many others are already eager to meet you with great confrontations to bet on.

football betting 1win

How to bet on football and not lose

Of course, betting on any sport is a matter of luck. Even being an incredibly cool analyst, there is always a chance that the team will not be ready or some kind of conflict has flared up within the team. In many cases, this can significantly affect the outcome of an event. Now let’s try to figure out How to bet on football and not lose, of course, within your capabilities.

Many do not believe in making money from bets, and even more so, they believe that it is simply impossible to win real money. But rates have existed for a very, very long time, and from time immemorial, many have managed to get rich on this hobby.

In order to win, you need to have a lot of different qualities:

  • Analytical Mindset : Football analytics is near the top of the list of items that will lead you to victory. Having a good look at the statistics of the teams, their style of play and other facts that may affect the outcome, the chance of making the right choice increases;
  • cold mind : in order to bet and not lose, 1win advises to approach any bet with cold calculation. You should not give in to emotions and foolishly follow them. It is worth pulling yourself together and watching any match again and again until you definitely understand for sure that the bet was made wisely;
  • listen only to yourself : in order to make the right decisions, you should not be sprayed on the opinions of others. Listen to yourself and only yourself, and then betting on football will be a great way for you not only to have fun, but also, albeit a little, but earn money.

Following these simple tips, you can win real money and, most importantly, save your nerves. After all, rates are always a share of nervousness that needs to be dealt with. And 1win are ready to help you with these tips to make betting on football more understandable for beginners in betting.

football betting 1win

How to bet on a football match with 1win

Let’s look at how to make the first bet on 1win and what matches are better to choose if you are new to the world of football. If you are just starting your journey in the field of betting, and especially in football betting, then it would be better to choose matches according to the following criteria:

  • team popularity;
  • easy to parse each command
  • team statistics in the public domain

All of these factors will help you better prepare your 1win bet.

Let’s consider the match of the Bundesliga, where Borussia Dortmund and Mainz 05 will face each other. Quite well-known teams and excellent odds for this event are exactly what we need for the first bet. In order to complete it, it is necessary to consider the extreme results of the teams and their positions in the standings. Football betting can often be done precisely on these factors. At the moment, Borussia Dortmund looks preferable, taking 6th place in the table and going on a series of three victories. 1win bk provides the following main odds for this match:

Victory Mainz 05 Draw Borussia Dortmund win
2.81 3.7 2.42

It is also worth paying attention to the following outcomes:

Both To Score - Yes 1.56
Total Goals 2.5B 1.69
Borussia Dortmund won’t lose 1.46

1win official website: sports coverage of Premier League matches and top leagues

1win bookmaker is an official partner of not only well-known casino providers, but also streaming services that legally provide broadcasts of sports matches. On the 1win website, all broadcasts of the matches of the Ukrainian Championship and the Cup of the country are available in excellent quality with a minimum amount of advertising for HD format.

Football bets on 1win are incredibly popular, most customers bet live, BC 1win helps not only to choose a bet at an excellent odds, but also to see firsthand how the match develops.

  • Champions League, Europa League and Conference League;
  • World and European Championships, League of Nations;
  • Ukrainian Premier League;
  • Premier League, La Liga (Spain), Bundesliga (Germany), Ligue 1 (France), Serie A (Italy);
  • Secondary championships: the second leagues of England, Italy, the championships of Poland, the Netherlands.

To open the broadcast of the match, you need to go to the section Live, 1win official website or application allows you to watch live matches even without registration, but do bet is possible only after authorization and deposit. The broadcast is located in the upper right part of the live, matches with broadcasts are marked with a special TV symbol for the convenience of users.

1win official broadcast is easy to launch from a tablet or smartphone, there is a full-screen mode function.


Of course. It cannot be otherwise, because 1win provides maximum convenience for all users in using the site. You can use either PC or laptop or any IOS/Android device to bet on football today. Also, you do not have to download third-party programs, everything is for the convenience of the user!
This feature is rightfully present on our site. You can play for real money using the 1win site. You can bet on the Champions League or another championship in two clicks!
1win site presents a huge variety of bonuses and great promotions for the game. In order to bet on football, those bonus offers that give you additional funds to increase the size of the bet, for example, + 500% to the first replenishment, are best suited.
There are many different events on 1win bookmaker, on each of which you can place a bet. These can be bets on the Premier League, as one of the most sought-after championships, but also on other international competitions, for example, the Champions League or the Europa League. Most importantly, all this can be done online, wherever you are!
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