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Boxing is quite an interesting sport that thousands of fans all over the world are “sick of”. From time immemorial, this discipline has been famous for its popularity. And in our days, nothing has changed, all the same fights gather a huge audience around them both in stadiums and in front of TV screens. This is one of the oldest sports and today it is both professional and amateur.

Bets on boxing are often made specifically on professional boxing, since the seriousness of the approach to such fights is much higher than in amateur organizations. 1win bookmaker kindly provides its users with the opportunity to bet on boxing.

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Why beginner betters choose bk 1win

Next, we will be able to familiarize ourselves with the following points:

  • how to start making predictions with 1win;
  • what are the outcomes in a sport like boxing;
  • how to box bet correctly;
  • what you should pay attention to when betting on live boxing;

All of the above points will help a novice better plunge into the world of boxing matches and win his first real money with 1win bc!

How to place your first bet

In order to start betting on boxing, you need to go to the official 1win website, as well as go through a few simple steps that will bring you closer to the cherished prediction for one of the fights.

After this step is completed, you need to create your account, in which you can track your progress in betting, as well as other game modes. A section such as 1win registration will help you cope with this task. By clicking on this link, you can create your account quickly and without any problems, or use the site 1 win login.

Once an account has been created, it would be nice not only to familiarize yourself with all the modules that are available for the game. But first you should remember that the most important thing is your safety, as well as the safety of your bets! In order for your game to be as protected as possible, we advise you to familiarize yourself with the section called “1win game rules”. After you read everything that is described there, your bets will be under reliable protection and you will not be afraid of any unpleasant situations!

boxing betting 1win

What outcomes can bet on boxing in 1vin

Bets on boxing do not differ in such a wide line as, for example, sports such as football or basketball. This is because the fight takes place in a rather trivial manner: 12 rounds and only 2 fighters. This sport is not as difficult to bet as the others, since there are much fewer results for it, which means it will be easier to make a choice.

What outcomes are betting on boxing at 1win bc:

  • bets on the outcome of the battle: this bet will depend on who you consider the favorite in a particular battle. As in any sport, in boxing there is someone who will end up on a horse in the end. Therefore, by betting on the outcome of the battle, you choose the sole winner and the outcome will depend directly on his performance;
  • total rounds: as mentioned above, in boxing a fight lasts exactly 12 rounds, but the fight can end ahead of schedule. For example, if one of the fighters delivers a knockout blow to his opponent. That is why there is such an outcome as total rounds, you can guess how many rounds there will be: more than 6 or still less?;
  • how the fight will end: this bet directly depends on how this or that athlete will end the fight. The confrontation can end like this: knockout, technical knockout, refusal to continue the fight by one of the fighters, on points or disqualification.

Knowing the line on which you can make a prediction, it will be easier to bet on boxing. Accordingly, the chance to win the first money will become much easier with 1win!

boxing betting 1win

How to do boxing bets

What you should pay attention to when betting on boxing with 1vin, as well as how to make predictions and reduce the percentage of lost outcomes, we will talk about this further. As in any sport, there are factors that you should pay attention to in order to make a winning bet. You can make predictions both before the fight and make live bets on boxing. These two methods are fundamentally different from each other, and now we will consider how.

When you bet on a fight before a fight, you should follow these tips from 1win:

  • Do an in-depth analysis of both fighters, review the results of past fights, and also look for information about the physical form of each. With this information, it will not be difficult to choose the right outcome;
  • Choose for the first bet on boxing those fighters with whom you are at least a little familiar. This will help you not to get confused in the variety of athletes, as well as make it easier for you to find information about a particular fighter;
  • View the line and select the selections that are most likely to win. This method of sorting predictions will help you not to get lost in the line of boxing bets, and will also increase the chances of choosing the right outcome.

If you are going to bet live on boxing, then here is a list of factors from 1win bk that you should pay attention to. It is worth noting that all of the above, which refers to the ordinaries that are placed before the fight, also apply to this item.

boxing betting 1win

How to bet live on boxing correctly

  • Don’t get emotional during the fight. You should not make hasty decisions, because often this is how wrong boxing bets are made. Make decisions carefully and without any emotions;
  • Pay attention to the little things during combat. Cuts, heavy bruises, the condition of the athlete, the atmosphere in his corner - all this can affect not only the outcome of the fight, but also your prediction;
  • make decisions no earlier than 2-3 or even 4 rounds. This will help you get to know both athletes and their condition better, as well as significantly increase your chances of winning real money!

Following these tips, you will be able to properly start betting on boxing Ukraine with 1win and get to know the world of betting in an extremely pleasant atmosphere. It’s not that difficult when there is a clear analysis and a bit of luck!

Why beginner betters choose bk 1win

Let’s see why it is worth doing sports betting boxing with 1win? Many beginners are looking for a bookmaker in order to start making their first sports predictions and stop at 1win bookmaker, why exactly, let’s figure it out! We have collected several factors that make the better’s game as comfortable and enjoyable as possible:

  • Accessibility and convenience. It is this factor that is key for many users who have made their choice in favor of 1win. You can bet on boxing as well as any other sport online! To do this, you need any device: PC or mobile phone based on IOS / Android, as well as a browser. That is, you do not need to download and install any third-party programs, everything is as simple and affordable as possible!
  • Fast withdrawals. This item is very important for 1win bookmaker, as the user can not only easily win real money, but also quickly withdraw it. This feature is a priority and that is why it works perfectly.
  • Excellent bonus line and promotions. One of the main features of 1win is the promotions that it offers not only for novice users, but also for those who have been with bc for a long time!


Certainly! 1win differs from many in its accessibility, you can easily access the site and place bets on boxing using an online browser on absolutely any device. It can be either a PC, a laptop or a mobile phone on the Android or IOS operating system.
This feature works perfectly, whether you bet on boxing or football, as 1win works every day to ensure that users can collect their winnings quickly and easily. Withdrawals are made at lightning speed and without any problems.
In order to bet on boxing with 1win you can get a huge amount of bonuses. But these promotions will be the most interesting for this mode: +500% to the first deposit; no deposit bonuses.
Live boxing betting is not as easy as it seems at first glance. For a correct online outcome, you need to acquire good experience not only in betting, but also in analytics. Also, you should know a lot about boxing, then winning money will not be a problem!
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