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Basketball betting - NBA and Euroleague

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Basketball — one of the most popular sports games of our time. In addition, it is one of the most popular objects for betting. In our article, you will find out what betting opportunities are presented on 1win official website, what basketball bets we can offer to do, as well as the most effective betting strategies.

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What basketball bets can be made in BC 1win

Users of the bookmaker can place 1win online basketball bets on the site in the following categories :

  • Prematch. Bets made on the eve of the start of the event itself. These bets are accepted before the start of the match.
  • Live. Betas accepted directly during the event.
  • Ordinary. Single bets accepted on single outcomes.
  • Express. Chains of single bets formed into a single line. Victory is awarded to players who correctly predicted all the links in the chain. If at least one bet does not play, all the bet funds will go to waste.

In all cases, the winnings will be equal to the amount of the bet multiplied by the outcome coefficient.

Basketball betting: basic rules

Before proceeding to how to bet on basketball, you need to understand the rules of this game. First of all, we note that in the USA (NBA) and Europe (Euroleague) they play according to different rules and have their own characteristics.

Basketball bets

Basketball league differences

The ball thrown into the basket is worth from one to three points:

  • one point will be brought to the team by the player who scored the ball outside the penalty area;
  • two points will be awarded for a hit from a three-point arc;
  • Three points are awarded for other successful rolls.

Gameplay is divided into four quarters. At the same time, if the teams scored the same number of points in regular time, a five-minute overtime is played. An unlimited number of player changes can be made during a match.

Main differences between NBA and Euroleague

Condition Euroleague NBA
Term time Ten minutes Twelve minutes
How many fouls a player can receive during a match Five Six
How many comments can a team receive during a quarter Four Five

If a team member exceeds the number of allowed fouls, he is removed from the field. Instead, another player comes out. If a team exceeds the number of fouls, they will be awarded free throws.

Of course, there are many more rules in this game. However, we have indicated all the basic points you need to understand betting strategies.

1win NBA Betting

NBA betting: total under/over

It is best to bet NBA with odds 1.75-1.95 in these conditions:

  • Speaking parties are at the bottom of the defensive rating list.
  • The most productive members of the team will perform in the game.
  • Teams taking part in the game are in the top 15 in terms of pace.
  • Before the match, the sides had one or more rest days.

When betting on basketball online in the Euroleague, you should choose a smaller total at 1.75-1.95 with the following provisions:

  • There are less than four positions between the participants of the match in the standings list.
  • Teams are members of the Top 10 in Offensive.
  • Bookmakers are offering under 2.60 on both sides winning.

Online basketball betting: catch-up strategy

Catch up — Basketball betting strategy in which betters increase the amount of the bet for each failure. The goal of this plan is to make a profit on the first successful bet.

live basketball betting

When determining the amount, use the formula:

(beta size) = (implied wealth + lost bets) / (odd — 1).

Using this strategy, you should bet on the top outcome, choosing the most efficient player.

Online Basketball Betting: Oscar Grind Strategy

According to another strategy expressed by Oscar Grind, gamblers should not change their bet size when they make a bad bet. In this case, in case of a win, it is worth double the bet. The size of the first bet must be equal to the amount of the expected winnings.

Basketball Live Betting Strategies

Below, we will describe the two main types of live basketball bets that can be made on the 1win website.

Quarter Bets

When deriving this strategy, it is worth betting on a larger total in the second quarter under the following conditions:

  • Both sides did not score more than 10 points before the expected performance of the betting companies in the first quarter.
  • During the course of the game, participants scored less than 40% of the balls thrown.

These rates are effective with odds ranging from 1.75 to 1.95. In case of an unsuccessful bet, you should use the above-described catch-up strategy.

Betting on an outsider

When betting the NBA on an underdog win in the first quarter, bet odds greater than 2.30.

If the bet doesn’t go well, increase the bet amount by continuing to bet on the underdog. Stick to this strategy until the first victory occurs.

What else is there in the bookmaker 1win

1wine — an advanced portal offering a full range of gambling entertainment. The game collection online casino includes about 10,000 online games. The number of entertainments presented on the site includes both classic slots online and the latest achievements of the gambling industry. The gaming collection also includes live dealer rooms and a wide range of card and table games. In addition, the site offers a wide range of sports betting lines.

The number of sports disciplines presented on the official website of the gambling establishment includes 25 titles:

Basketball Squash Table tennis Badminton Field hockey
Bowles Handball Futsal MMA Cricket
Australian football Darts Volleyball Football Pesapallo
Snooker Hockey Tennis American football Gaelic football
Baseball Boxing Basketball 3x3 Water polo Rugby

In addition to sports competitions, participants have the opportunity to bet on esports disciplines:

  • team battles in Counter-Strike;
  • Call of Duty champions;
  • battles in League of Legends;
  • collisions in Valorant;
  • Rainbow 6 championships;
  • battles in King of Glory;
  • Competitions in Dota 2.

Conclusion: what you need to know before registering

Betting on basketball, like any other form of gambling, is pure lottery. No matter how many “win-win strategies” you have not studied, you cannot rely on them without looking back. The best way to bet on basketball — thoroughly study the rules of this exciting game. And to be sure of the honesty of the game being played, bet only on the site of trusted offices, such as 1win online casino.


There are several basketball betting options available to 1win online casino participants. First of all, participants can bet on a pre-match - a bet made before the event itself. Secondly, live bets are available to users of the official site. In addition, participants can bet on a single or express bet. Express - a chain of single bets that will play if all the bets come in.
To bet on the NBA and the Euroleague, you need to understand the rules. In the first case, the quarter is ten minutes long. In the second case, the quarters are twelve minutes long. In addition, the number of fouls that players can receive differs. In the Euroleague, you can get five fouls, in the NBA - six.
First of all, participants can bet on basketball with a catch-up strategy. In this case, the players increase the amount of the bet with each loss until they receive a benefit. Also, gamblers can bet on an outsider. When choosing this strategy, players bet on the outsider’s win in the first quarter for odds exceeding 2.30.
Registered users of the official website have access to 25 sports disciplines. The most popular lines include: football, hockey, tennis, volleyball, boxing, American football, baseball and so on. In addition, participants can bet on events from the world of eSports. The office also offers to bet on the outcomes of significant political events.
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