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For over 40 years people all over the world have been playing plinko. The game was popular as entertainment at carnivals, as well as in popular TV shows. But now, it is also popular in online casinos around the world! The best casinos offer their customers this unpretentious game, because its simplicity and originality will captivate anyone.

1win site is no exception and offers its users the simplest and most popular game – plinko. The online version of the game is almost completely identical to the original version, but it is more advanced. Because the game was developed using the most modern technologies and a proven random number generator.


What is the plinko game in an online casino?

Outwardly, the game looks like a vertical playing field, in which 14 rows of sticks are placed from top to bottom at some distance from each other. These sticks are an obstacle for the ball falling from above. At the same time, as you rise to the top, the number of sticks in each row decreases, so that a triangular shape is obtained with the base at the bottom and the top at the top.

At the base of the triangle in the plinko game on the 1win bookmaker website there are special cells where the ball falling from above falls. Each of these cells has a certain profit factor, depending on how far it is located from the center of the bottom.

The cell that is located right in the center of the plinko casino has a profit ratio of zero. This means that if the ball hits it, the player will not receive anything and will lose his bet. In two side cells, the profit ratio is 0.25%, then 0.5% and higher. Up to 555% in the outermost cells.

Profitability of plinko game online

In the online game plinko slot on the 1win website, the BC cells are arranged in three rows: red, yellow and green. Each row of 16 cells, each with different coefficients.

  • In the Red row, the percentage of profitability is from 0 to a maximum of x555. At the same time, the highest yield is on the sides and the lowest in the middle.
  • The green row has the lowest profitability, from x0.4 in the middle to x35 in the extreme side cells. There is not even a zero cell here. That is, the player in any case receives some profit.
  • In the yellow row, the average profit ratios relative to the red and green rows. In the middle x0.2, in the extreme side x118.

At the beginning of each casino plinko game, the user can select a row. Depending on the choice, you can either win a little bit all the time, as is the case with the yellow row of cells. Or, in the hope of a big win, win very little or even completely lose your bet by choosing the red row.

Please note that the 1win site allows you to change the number of cells in the plinko game online. You can set 12, 14 or 16 cells, which are called “Kingleys” in the game. Depending on how many pins their yield is calculated. That is, the fewer cells, the more chances you have that the ball will fall into the outermost cells.

Therefore, the game developer made it so that when the number of cells decreases, they have a lower profit ratio. For example, if you set 12 pins, then the profitability of the extreme cells in the red row will no longer be x555, but only x141.

plinko 1 win

How to play plinko on 1win?

In order to play plinko, you need to open the game, and then follow just two steps in sequence:

  • Select the amount you want to wager. In plinko 1win casino you can get from 0.30 to 100 USD. When playing for real money, the stakes are the same.
  • Select the row for which profit will be calculated. To do this, the game has three buttons: red, yellow and green. They have the corresponding color and additionally the corresponding name.

After pressing the button, the game will start and the ball falling from above, bumping into obstacles will fall, constantly changing its trajectory. When it falls into one of the cells, the game will be over, and you will receive the profit corresponding to the specified coefficient.

By default, the plinko game starts with a minimum bet and 14 pins. If you wish, you can change the number of pins at once or try to start playing on the proposed conditions.

Autoplay in plinco game

In addition, on the BC 1win website in the casino plinko game, you can enable autoplay and specify additional conditions for which row the profit will be calculated and how long the game should last. You can choose a limit in the form of the number of rounds. Available: 3, 10, 25, 100, 200 and 500 rounds. You can also choose a limit in the form of a change in balance or by the amount of winnings. In the first case, the game will end if the balance decreases, for example, by $100. And in the second case, the plinko casino game will stop if one of the winnings is more than the amount you specified.

What types of plinko games are available at 1win casino?

1win official site offers users the most popular version of plinko casino. But of course she’s not the only one. The game is released by several providers and each of them tries to make their game unique. Therefore, there is a 3D version of the game and even a version of plinko on the blockchain with provable fairness.

You can download Plinko online as a standalone game on various sites. But it will no longer be a gambling game in which you can win real money, but just entertainment. Therefore, if you go to download plinko 3d, then you need to find the appropriate site. If you want to download plinko for real money, then you need to go to the 1win website from your mobile phone and use the mobile app 1win download on Android or iOS. After that you will be able to play plinko on the phone.

1win site: how to access plinko and other casino games?

All fast games in the 1win casino section work only in real money mode, demo versions are not provided in such titles. To start trying their luck in Plinko, customers need to go through registration 1win and make a deposit of at least 10 UAH in any convenient way. It happens that the casino site is blocked by providers or cannot cope with a large number of visitors - then the 1win mirror comes to the rescue.

A mirror is a legal copy of the main resource with a different URL, but with full functionality. To play Plinko from a mirror, you just need to open the site and log in with your data, the game will be available at any time. The Anubis Plinko and Plinko 1win versions work perfectly on all casino mirrors, as well as in mobile applications and the browser version.


In the Plinko game, a ball is released from the top of the playing field, and it bounces off various obstacles, falling into cells with different values. Each cell has a specific winning ratio or cash amount. The client’s win 1win is determined by the cell where the ball falls, the coefficient of the ball is multiplied by the bet. The 1win site offers the client to independently choose the odds grid and bet in Plinko.
The maximum win in the game Plinko 1win site can be limited either by the maximum win rate multiplied by the client’s bet, or by the maximum amount of money that can be won within one game. To find out the exact information about the maximum win in the Plinko game, it is recommended to refer to the terms and conditions of this game on the 1win casino website.
In the 1win games section, in addition to Anubis Plinko, the casino has developed another 10 top fast games with simple mechanics and instant payouts. Here is the list: Speed Cash Aviator Lucky Jet, Mines Rocket X and BoomBucks are the most requested fast games on the 1win website. They have gained instant popularity immediately after the release and are included in the list of the best games on the 1win site.
Anubis Plinko is a slot game that combines elements of the classic slot and the popular Plinko game. In this title, providers drew inspiration from ancient Egyptian mythology and symbolism. In Anubis Plinko, players release a ball from the top of the playing field, which is in the form of a vertical wall with various obstacles and cells. The ball bounces off obstacles and falls into the cells on the bottom of the field. The rules are no different from the classic version of Plinko, 1win site offers the ancient Egyptian version of Plinko in the 1win games section.
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