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Penalty Shoot Out on 1win

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Released on May 27, 2020, the Penalty Shoot Out casino slot from Evoplay Entertainment is an unusual representative of slot machines. Rather, it is a risk game with an instant win for all football fans.

Such a game presented in 1win online casino saves players from having to wait for new sporting events to play bet on your favorite team. With Penalty Shoot Out, you can now place sports betting at any time and at the same time, personally take part in the game, scoring penalties to opponents on behalf of your favorite team.

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How to play Penalty Shoot Out

In 1win, the rules of the Penalty Shoot Out game are quite simple. After turning on the program, you need to select one of the 24 teams that represent the respective countries. After choosing the country for which you will play, you will be in the role of a football player trying to score a goal against the opponent’s goal from the 11-meter mark (penalty). If you score, make a profit, if not, you will lose your bet.

In the game, you can choose 5 places where the ball will fly after hitting:

  • Lower left corner;
  • Upper left corner;
  • Lower right corner;
  • Upper right corner;
  • The center of the goal is above the goalkeeper.

In addition, the game provides the “Random Hit” function, after selecting which, the algorithm itself will choose 1 of the 5 options indicated above. If you are not ready to give your money to chance or, more precisely, to a machine algorithm, then you will have to choose on your own all the time. But in both cases, the random number generator works in the same way and the result will be completely unpredictable. After the goal is scored, you will have the opportunity to continue the game or take the money. Maximum, you can score 5 goals in one round.

Penalty Shoot Out payouts for real money

The developer has provided two payment options in the game:

  • The ability to take money after each goal scored. In this case, the coefficient will be reset all the time and for each next goal scored, you will get x1.92. That is, from a bet of 100 coins, the net profit will be 92 rubles.
  • If you choose to continue after a goal is scored, your profit will multiply with each goal scored. Moreover, after each goal, it doubles:
  • For two goals scored x3.84;
  • 3 balls - x7.68;
  • 4 balls - x16.36;
  • 5 balls - x30.72.

Thus, playing online slot Penalty Shoot Out for 100 coins, you can either regularly receive plus 92 coins to your bet, or take a chance and win 3720 rubles in just 5 strokes. Of course, this is not much, but given that the RTP in the game is 96%, it is more than real to win money here.

1win Penalty Shoot Out

Penalty shoot out strategy

Despite the fact that the Penalty Shoot Out cash game uses a high-quality RNG, many players are looking for a magic strategy with which to win and earn consistently in Penalty Shoot Out. On Youtube channels dedicated to gambling, you can find various strategies that help you win. For example, the most popular one is Martingale - we multiply the bet amount by two after each loss.

For some it works, for others it doesn’t. It is worth saying that this strategy is used when playing almost all online gambling games at 1win casino. The Penalty Shoot Out slot itself uses a high-quality random number generator that always produces random results, no matter where you hit in the goal. Therefore, various strategies do not work here. Just play and win. And if you take a chance and you are lucky, you can win much more than you bet. Therefore, do not waste time and quickly go to the site 1win registration and start playing!


Like many slots, as well as other risk games, the Evoplay provider has implemented a verification system into the game. Thanks to which you can check the result of each hit in the game in the game Penalty Shoot Out for real money. This is made possible by the use of hashed numbers that are created before the game. After the game, you can check such a number for a match and make sure that the result matches.
Penalty Shoot Out game has a full demo mode where you can score goals using virtual money for bets. Thus, the game is free, and players have the opportunity to familiarize themselves with the game on the 1win website. See how often goals are scored and only then decide whether it is worth playing here using your money or not..
The developer used the most modern technologies in the Penalty Shoot Out game, thanks to which, despite the abundance of graphics, the game is fully compatible with mobile gadgets and can be easily opened both on a mobile phone and on a tablet. You can play through a mobile browser on the 1win website or through the installed 1-win mobile application.
The disadvantages of the game include a low maximum payout ratio. Compared to slots, where multiplayer odds can increase a player’s bet by 10 or even 20 thousand times, thereby bringing in good money, the maximum multiplier in x30 Penalty Shoot Out is really small.
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