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Let’s figure out how to put an accumulator on the 1win site right now! After all, this option will allow you to earn even more real money on bets. We also recall that 1win bookmaker accepts other types of coupons from bettors. At the moment, you can make a bet of the type “Ordinary” and “Series”.

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How to bet accumulator on 1win - a guide for beginners

So, the question on the 1win website how to make an express is often found among beginners. Let’s start with the fact that before making any bet, you need to make sure that there are two things. The first is a successfully completed 1win registration. After all, it is obvious that without a created account, it simply will not work to place a bet on the bookmaker’s website! Secondly, you need to make a deposit for the amount of money that you plan to bet.

As soon as all of the above points are completed, you can proceed to the solution of the question “how to make an accumulator on 1win”. First you need to open one of the sections: “Line” or “Live”. In the first case, bets are accepted in pre-match mode, and in the second - in real time. Then select the appropriate sport and click on the event that interests you.

And now follow the following instructions:

  • Selection of lines - in the window that opens for a specific sporting event, many lines will appear. Each of them has its own coefficient and additional conditions. Just click on the desired line and it will be automatically added to the coupon. Remember that you can return to the general section without losing your previously selected lines!
  • Formation of a coupon - by default, all marked lines on the 1win BC site are accepted as bets of the “Single” type. This can be seen on the right side of the screen, where all selected events are displayed. To change the type of bet, just click on the corresponding button. As part of the question “how to put an express on 1win”, we are interested in the Express button. You will see how the previously marked lines will be combined into one coupon!

How to put accumulator on 1win

How to make an accumulator on 1win - important conditions

Very often, clients cannot figure out how to put an accumulator on a 1win site due to one problem. The fact is that in coupons of this type only one line from each sporting event is accepted - these are standard 1win rules games set for all bettors. That is, you cannot add several outcomes from the same match to the accumulator. In order for the “Express” button to become active, you must definitely add lines from different events to the coupon!
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