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How to sell a bet on 1win?

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Sometimes it happens that a bettor wants to figure out how to sell a bet, returning part of the money. 1win bookmaker supports this feature within the available functionality. If you are wondering how to sell a bet on 1win, then follow a simple and short instruction.

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Step by step guide - how to sell a bet in 1win

In the “History of bets” section, you can find the necessary option in order to decide how to sell a bet on 1win. You can go to it from the main user menu. In the window that appears, you will find a list of all coupons previously accepted by the bookmaker. Select an uncalculated bet and click on it. After that, you will see the “Sell bet” button, which allows you to return part of the bet money to 1win casino.

How to sell a bet on 1win - sale amount

It is important to remember that the amount of money within the sale of each bet is calculated individually! It all depends on the cashout activation time, events added to the coupon, available odds and other parameters. In any case, you can return part of the funds with real money and use them again. The sale of the bet works both on the official 1win website and in the mobile application for Android and iOS.

How to sell a bet on 1win

By the way, you can also check your open bets in the main sections “Line” and “Live”. You will find the corresponding subsection on the right side of the screen. We also remind you that 1win game rules prohibit the sale of bets to third parties! Therefore, it is impossible to transfer the coupon to another registered user of the bookmaker’s office. If you made a bet by mistake or cannot figure out how to sell a bet on 1win, we recommend that you contact technical support.

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