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How to change mail to 1win?

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Right now we will figure out how to change mail to 1win! After all, this question often arises among active users of the online casino. But we also note that the client is personally responsible for specifying deliberately incorrect data. 1win bookmaker also has the right to block an account if the fact of creating several accounts by the same user is recorded! Therefore, carefully consider the issue of correct data entry and fair play.

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How to change mail on 1win - procedure

The need to change user data in the personal account of an online casino may be due to various reasons. For example, someone could simply lose access to their previous e-mail. Or the client wants to change the current mail for some personal reason. Either way, you can’t do it on your own! Then how to change mail in 1win?

It’s very simple - contact the technical support service on the online casino website. In your request, please indicate a good reason for the need to change the previously specified e-mail. Also note that the administration may require the verification procedure to be completed even if it was previously successfully completed.

You can contact the administration of the 1win bookmaker as follows:

  • Online chat - on any page of the official 1win website, a panel is available for contacting technical support. The corresponding icon is located in the lower right corner of the screen. Click on the “dialogue” icon to open the online chat. After that, describe your problem or ask a question on how to change mail in 1win to get detailed instructions.
  • E-mail - a similar appeal can be sent to the online casino via e-mail. If you are sending a letter from a different address, be sure to indicate the outdated mail associated with the account. Also, it will not be superfluous to indicate your account number, which can be viewed in your personal account.
  • Communication by phone - 1win online casino customers can also contact the administration directly. Next to the online chat icon, there is another icon in the form of a phone. Click on it to see the current contact numbers. Calls are accepted around the clock from anywhere in the world!

How to change mail to 1win

We also remind you that if you change your email address, the client will not be able to re-use the offers of the casino in the form of promotions. 1win bonuses are activated only once per account! The exceptions are vouchers and promotional codes that can be activated before their expiration date in your personal account.

Why you can't change your mail in 1win BC yourself

The thing is that 1win casino operates legally and is responsible for the safety of the client’s money. It is also important to remember about anti-money laundering policies. Given that e-mail is one of the main pieces of personal data, it cannot be changed arbitrarily! By the way, you can also solve the issue of how to change mail in 1win through a mobile application. Versions for Android and iOS are available for download on the site.
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