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How to play 1win bonuses?

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Official site 1win offers its customers a lot of profitable promotions and bonuses. But before activating them, many are wondering how to play with 1win bonuses in the future. Therefore, now we will quickly go through the main offers of the casino and tell you how to use them. Remember that a rational attitude to any accrued bonus will bring you significant benefits!

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How to play with 1win bonuses - the main rules

Let’s start with the fact that the site 1win online casino has two bonus accounts and one main account. The main balance displays the amount of funds that you have deposited with real money. And 1win casino itself credits all the money to bonus accounts! But it is impossible to use bonuses directly in casino games or bets in bookmakers. Instead, the client will be transferred certain amounts of money from the bonus account to the main one if he is active on the 1win website.

Bonus accounts are used as follows:

  • Bonus account for bookmaker — money from this account is transferred to the main balance in the amount of 5% of the amount of the winning bet. You also need to remember about additional conditions! Only bets of the “Ordinary” type are taken into account, which include events with odds of at least 3.0. In fact, understanding 1win how to play for bonuses through sports betting is very simple and profitable!
  • Casino bonus account - 1win bonuses can be credited to this account as well. But it only applies if online casino games are activated. For example, you can play your favorite slots, table games or live games to get extra value. If over the past day the amount of lost funds exceeds 5000 RUB, up to 20% will be transferred from this bonus account to the main one!

If you want to learn how to play bonuses at 1win, you can also study the rules of the online casino on the main page of the site. All current conditions are described in separate sections. If necessary, you can clarify the details you are interested in in the online chat of technical support.

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