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1win is a bookmaker that has grown into a large-scale online casino! Now the site has more than 9 thousand slot machines, hundreds of card-type games, constant tournaments with excellent jackpots, including Blackjack, Poker and Online Roulette games. Express betting and predicting the results of matches of your favorite sports and eSports teams. All this is our extended platform, it is also the official website of 1 win!

In addition, 1win cares about its users and has created an exclusive Casino Loyalty Program for them, which contains a lot of updated bonuses, temporary and permanent promotions, and, of course, a nice cashback at the casino! 1 win has a separate cashback system, which applies to absolutely all users: whether they are a beginner or a seasoned gambling professional.

bk 1win deposit bonus

Conditions for the return of lost money Cashback in the casino

The conditions are equal for each user and the rules are simple: the higher the bet, the higher the cashback of the casino. In addition, the cashback casino has the ability to withdraw funds, which is a big plus. Real money is sometimes much nicer than bonus credits in an online game.

It happens that a gambler or better loses. As the saying goes: “Who does not take risks, he does not drink champagne!” Winning a good prize is very nice, but you must agree that getting a cashback casino bonus is also very nice.

So, let’s talk about the direct Cashback system of online casinos

Casino cashback bonus returns every week! Calculations are carried out automatically, you do not need to fill out questionnaires or anything like that.

  • Minimum cashback

The minimum casino cashback is 1%, the amount of bets per week for such a percentage is from 100,000 rubles and you can get back up to 3,000 rubles. Please note that this percentage may differ - it depends on the currency.

  • Maximum cashback

And the most Maximum online game cashback is at around 30% and you can get back up to 50,000 rubles from it. This is not as much as you might want, but the very possibility of cashback at 1vin online casino is wonderful!

In addition, you can try playing with the currency on the casino website and find the current rates that are beneficial for you. 1win cashback bonus

Other bonuses similar to cashback casino

Site 1 win has a whole sea of bonuses, some of which are profitable or bonus credits.

Let’s look at the most curious of them:

  • +15% of your winnings

Love dynamic games? Have you tried Express bet yet? If you caught luck by the tail and were able to win a good prize, then we are in a hurry to please you - up to 15% of the winnings will be added to you. The payout percentage is calculated from the number of events in which you participated. So for 5 events, you will receive 7% of the winnings, for 6 events - 8%, and so on up to 11+ events, on which you get the maximum 15%. You can read more about the conditions of the promotion on the page “1win express bonus”.

Agree that such a 1win loyalty program bonus is a great idea!

  • 1win coins as an additional bonus

1win coins is a special online casino bonus that works on a passive basis. You just play 1win slot machines and save coins. The size of the bet and the number of accumulated coins are directly related. 1win coins can be exchanged for real money that can be withdrawn to the card.

Please note that this promotion is temporary and will be active until January 2026. There is still a lot of time before the end of such a special promotion, we advise you to take a closer look at other promotions. Have you already saved coins?


Yes, all the listed platform bonuses are suitable for both newcomers to the cashback loyalty program and experienced players who have been with us for a long time. We recommend that you keep track of new bonuses and temporary online casino promotions. Don’t miss out on your benefits.
For new users, 1vin has prepared 2 useful permanent bonuses. The first bonus is +500% of your first deposit, however, it can only be spent on credits in online casino slots. The second bonus is 70 no deposit spins, which are given to you for 2 days.
Cashback casino has a limit of 30%. The higher your rate, the greater the percentage of cashback. However, there is a clear limit that will not allow you to withdraw more than the program allows. In rubles, such a bar stopped at 50,000, it is impossible to withdraw more in rubles. You can try to play in another currency and see the result.
At the moment, there is no such bonus in the online casino. We advise you to follow new promotions and bonuses. We are sure that you will find there something that you will definitely like and fit.
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