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1win Brawl Pirates online slot

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Brawl Pirates is a new online slot from the developer 1win. You are waiting for a competition with the king of pirates Davy Jones! This is not a classic slot machine. There are no spins and reels here, for the gaming industry it is a breath of fresh air. As always, 1win official website gives you the opportunity to experience the Brawl pirates slot machine. This review will close all your possible questions about this novelty.
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Brawl Pirates Slot by 1win

Treasure Finder gives you the opportunity to choose your unique playstyle and enjoy the thrill of treasure hunting on the 1win platform.

Try your luck and get pirate treasures by playing Thimbles with the legendary Davy Jones! In the game, you will be given a choice of three pirate skulls, which can contain treasure or be empty. Your task is to choose one of them and hope for good luck.

To win, you need to rely on your pirate intuition and guess the treasure skull. The Thimbles game is available on the 1win platform and provides a unique chance to get pirate treasure with Davy Jones!

Brawl Pirates slot: game rules, what you need to know

1win Brawl Pirates is an addictive game with many ways to win. Players can enjoy the nautical theme and try to win a big prize.

The goal of the game is to find the pirate’s treasure. You can do this by guessing which of the three skulls contains the reward. By default, only one skull contains a reward, but you can adjust the number of treasure skulls (1 or 2) according to your preference.

If you guess the skull with the reward, then you get the winnings according to the winning odds. If you don’t guess, you lose your bet. The fewer treasure skulls, the higher the winning ratio.

Separately, I would like to note the surroundings of the Brawl Pirates slot machine. Musical accompaniment takes the player to the pirate era. If you close your eyes, you can imagine that we are on a pirate ship. Playing with the legendary Davy Jones. Graphics also have high performance. The online game performs well on devices based on IOS and Android.

1win Brawl Pirates

How to play Brawl Pirates demo, why this mode is needed

Since the game is new, for most users, many will be interested in the demo mode. Brawl Pirates has it, of course. You can see for yourself how generous old Jones will be with you. It is important to remember that all 1win slots are available without using real money.

Brawl Pirates Online Strategy Game

When a player becomes experienced, he somehow wonders about strategies. A chaotic game for fun, that’s definitely a good thing. But in order to win money, you often need a strategy. Despite the fact that slot machine games are largely dependent on luck. There are several strategies that can help increase your chances of winning.

In machines of this type, the «principle of doubling» is often used. What does it mean? You make a fixed rate for yourself, for example $1. If you lose, double up and so on until you win. Then you return to the base rate again. Thus, you can always win back your initial deposit. It is worth noting that this strategy of playing Brawl Pirates is not suitable for everyone. For its full implementation, you will need a large start-up capital.

How to play to win cash

There is an effective strategy that helps to make money in slot machines. We are talking about the Parlay system. It is suitable for players who want to get the maximum amount of money. It consists in gradually increasing the bet after each successful spin. The size of the bet increases by the amount of the received winnings and the previous bet.

Novice players are not recommended to use this game technique. It is best to try it on the demo version in order to master and learn how to use it as efficiently as possible. Experienced 1win online casino players also recommend controlling your budget and not exceeding the limits.

Brawl Pirates 1win Auxiliary Power-ups

For a quick start, a deposit bonus can help you. 1win registration is the fastest way to get bonuses. Thus, you immediately close two questions. You get the opportunity to bet real money, and 1win casino bonuses that will save you money. In addition, there are other bonuses and promotions. Such as cashback (up to 30%) and individual offers to the best players. With proper use of the advantages of 1win, playing Brawl Pirates slot will be much more productive.


Brawl Pirates demo mode is available on the official 1win website. This allows new players to become familiar with the game and its rules. And also practice before playing for real money. In demo mode, you can play with virtual chips. And do not spend your real money without the right skills.
Yes, registration is required to play Brawl Pirates for real money on the 1win platform. Users must create an account on the 1win official website. When registering, users will be required to provide their personal data. This is necessary to verify and confirm your identity.
The Brawl Pirates slot machine has a mobile version. It can be run on iOS and Android devices. To access the mobile version, you need to go to the 1win website through a browser. A mobile application is also available on the official website. It allows you to play slots for real money.
Any attempt to cheat a slot machine is illegal and may result in serious legal consequences. Including criminal prosecution and loss of money. The administration of the 1win online casino strongly recommends not to do this. Brawl Pirates is securely protected from hacking.
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