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Of course, all bettors in the world want their bets to win. But alas, this is not possible. But it is possible to win more with standard investments or even without them at all. To do this, you only need to use the 1win BK sports bonus.

Such bonuses are issued to players as a welcome, for making a deposit, or even just for registration on the site. Not to mention bonuses on bets, which have long become a distinctive advantage of 1win bookmaker office. Read about bonuses, as well as how to get and wager them in this review.

bk 1win deposit bonus

Bonuses for sports 1win bookmaker

In fact, the official website of 1win always has a lot of different bonuses and promotional offers. But all of them can be divided into 3 categories:

  • Bonuses that can only be used to play online gambling games on the casino site.
  • Bonus from bookmaker that is only suitable for sports betting.
  • Bonus offers that work for both.

In this case, we are only interested in categories 2 and 3. These categories include the following bonuses:

  • 1win Multi Sportsbook Bonus
  • Welcome bonus for a bookmaker deposit.
  • BK no deposit bonus - includes several bonus programs at once.

Let’s take a look at each BC bonus available for players on the 1 win website.

Bonus bk express sports betting

This is the most popular 1win sports bonus for all bettors (sports bettors). The bookmaker offers each registered player the opportunity to receive from 7% to 15% in addition to the accrued winnings. All that is needed for this is to make an express, in which there will be at least 5 events.

The bet bonus depends on how many events are in your winning accumulator. The more, the more percentage you get:

  • 5 events - 7%;
  • 6 events - 8%;
  • 7 events - 9%;
  • 8 events - 10%;
  • 9 events - 11%;
  • 10 events - 12%;
  • 11+ events - 15%.

According to the terms of the betting bonus program, 15% is the maximum amount of a sports bonus at 1win online casino. That is, if you bet 12 or even 20 events and they all win, you still get a maximum of 15% on top of the amount won.

To make it clearer, let’s give an example of the calculation. For example, if you bet $1,000 on the 1win site for 7 bets and the total odds in the accumulator be 14, then you can win $13,000 if the outcome is successful. But thanks to the bonus, you will get another 9% of the amount won on top. As a result, your total winnings will be: 13000 + 1170 = 14170.

Agree, 1win sports bonus is quite good. However, please note that 1win casino has one more condition. Except for a minimum of 5 events, they must all have odds of at least 1.3. Only in this case, the player will be credited with an additional, bonus win. If at least one of the bets has a coefficient of 1.2, then the player will receive only the standard win.

1win sports bonus

Welcome bonus for registration

This bonus is only available to new customers of the 1win bookmaker. Under the terms of this program, all new players can receive a 1win bonus on their first deposit +500%. All you need to do is make a deposit or, in other words, replenish your account.

The bonus amount is calculated depending on the amount of the deposit. For example, if you replenished your account with 200 hryvnias, you will receive another 1000 hryvnias to your bonus account, and thus, you will have a total of 1200 hryvnias on your account. The maximum amount to receive a bonus is 8800 hryvnia, for which 1win bookmaker will give you 44450 bonus hryvnia. This bonus money can be used to do:

  • Sports betting;
  • Betting in an online casino.

At the same time, in order to wager 1win bonuses, bets on sports are made not just like that, but also on certain conditions.

1win how to use sports bonus?

1vin bookmaker provides one of the most loyal conditions for using a sports bonus:

  • You can bet using bonus funds in all types of sporting events;
  • You can bet on any sporting event with a coefficient of at least 3;
  • If you win, 5% of the bet amount will be transferred from the bonus to your main account. Accordingly, the larger the amount of bets, the faster you can wager the bonus funds. Plus, do not forget that if you make an accumulator of 5 or more events, you are guaranteed to receive real money in the amount of 7% to 15% of the winnings.

You have 2 weeks to wager the bonus. If the player won back all the money, he can safely withdraw them. If not, then all remaining bonus funds are burned.

Sports Betting No Deposit Bonus

This includes several bonus programs at once, through which you can get a no deposit bonus, which can also be used for sports betting.

Bonus for installing the 1win app

For greater motivation of players to play and bet in 1win bookmaker using the application, the bookmaker offers a bonus when registering without a deposit Ukraine through 1win applications on a computer, smartphone or tablet. You can download the application on the main page of the site for all popular versions of operating systems: Android, Windows and iOS.

After installation and authorization in the application, the player immediately receives a no deposit bonus of BC Ukraine in the amount of $100 to the bonus account. In the future, this money can also be used to make sports betting.

Bonuses for activity in social networks

BC 1 vin actively maintains social networks and active participants can always count on another no deposit bonus. All that is needed is to follow publications, for example, in Telegram and use the 1win promo code that appears there, as well as participate in various promotions. It should be borne in mind that promotional codes also give various bonuses, so read the terms of use carefully.

In general, various bonus programs regularly appear on the 1win website. For example, there was a Leaderboard program in which you could immediately get real money. Which, respectively, can be used at your discretion. At the moment, this program is not available, but instead of it, the Qatar Gold promotion, as well as Free Spins for a Deposit, appeared.

For the first promotion, you can simply place your bets on the World Championship 2022 to take a prize and get real gold in the form of pendants and bars. And also win Apple equipment and even a car. And not just any, but the Mercedes-Benz G-class!

Ready to win? Then go to the 1win betting site, place bets, get a 1win sports bonus and points. Win and win!


It is generally worth using any bonuses or not, everyone decides for himself. For some, the 1win sports bonus is a great opportunity to make additional bets and win even more. On the contrary, someone is confused by the deposit bonus, since there are additional conditions for its use.
There are many different bonuses on the 1win online casino site. For example, an instant bonus for a received push notification. You can get acquainted with all the bonuses and learn in detail how to use the 1win sports bonus in the Promotions and Bonuses section.
Depending on the type of bonus. All casino offers have different conditions. For example, the 1win sports bonus on multiple bets does not have a wager. And the welcome bonus has a x40 wager. The conditions for each type of bonus must be viewed on the official website.
Depends on what online bonus. If this is a welcome bonus on the first deposit of 500%, then only 1 time. If this is a 1win sports bonus in the form of bets, then you can receive it every time your accumulator wins. In the same way, you can repeatedly receive various no deposit bonuses in BC 1win.
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