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1win bookmaker is a large-scale platform for both gamblers and bettors. Here, users can track the statistics of the games of a certain team, watch matches online and make watching more interesting by betting, of course!

Moreover, you do not have to place bets to watch matches online and in good quality, just register or use the site 1win login to your personal account. With a good approach, you can not only get great pleasure from the game of your favorite team, but also win a good amount. Agree, it’s like killing two birds with one stone!

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How the 1win Express Bonus works

You predict the outcome of several events at once with different coefficients. The higher the odds, the higher the risk, but the sweeter the reward.

The express bonus works from 5 events and can bring up to 15% to your winnings in addition. However, there is a condition: the coefficient of your events must be at least 1.3. With each successful outcome of events, the coefficient of 1 outcome is multiplied by the coefficient of 2 outcomes and further in a chain, thereby making the winnings higher.

Calculating the percentage of the 1win bonus on an accumulator bet is very simple:

If you participated in 5 events, then you get 7% in addition to your winnings, if you participated in 6 events, you get 8%, 7 events - 9%, and so on until the 11th event, where you will receive a maximum 15% bonus to your net winnings . Agree, such a bonus on an express bet is extremely pleasant!

How to bet 1win bonus on express

To place a bet, you just need to go to the “Live” section and fill out a bet card, in which you need to indicate the amount of the bet and the outcome. When you have decided on all the initial data, just click on the “Place a bet” button and enjoy the match to the fullest!

1win bonus express

Everything is very simple and native. An excellent additional help for a better is detailed statistics on sports teams and their games. Having studied it, you will significantly increase your chances of winning real money. You can also color your leisure time with slot machines and casino slots 1win, which are subject to other permanent bonuses and temporary promotions, no less interesting and useful than bonus on express!

On the site 1 win you can bet on:

  • Football
  • Basketball
  • Hockey
  • Handball
  • And 24 more classic sports!

In addition, the 1vin platform allows you to bet on your favorite eSports teams using:

  • Counter Strike: GO
  • Dota 2
  • League Of Legends
  • And 4 more types of online games

And this is not the limit. 1 win bookmaker is constantly expanding its stock of games. Stay tuned!

1win bonus express

What other bets does 1win offer

  • Classic rates. Classic bets involve betting on any outcomes that only allow you to make a kind of game. These are pretty confident bets that will suit both beginners and experienced bettors of 1win online casino.
  • Live betting. Live betting is a special type of betting on the 1 vin website, which will appeal to fans of a dynamic game, because the odds change rapidly in Live betting. Have time to guess the best moment!
  • Express rates. One of the most interesting types of online bets. Before you are only 3 possible outcomes of the game: a win for one side or another, as well as a draw. In multiple bets, you choose the number of events in which you will participate, and if all the selected outcomes come true, you will receive a cool prize, and in addition, up to 15% of your winnings!


Yes, the multi bet bonus works with all sports, including esports. Keep track of the availability of events for your favorite games and place your bets. Perhaps you will not only enjoy the atmosphere of the game, but also earn money on it!
On the 11th event, the payout percentage limit is reached, which consists of 15% of the net winnings. After the 11th event, the percentage remains the same. This also works in the opposite direction: if you participated in 4 events, then the bonus is not activated.
Yes. All you need to do is to be a registered user! You can watch live broadcasts of your favorite sport in high quality! Also on the 1win website you can find detailed statistics for each team.
A prerequisite for activating the bonus is the presence of 1.3. event outcome rate. If it is less, then there will be no additional payment in case of victory. Pay attention to the fact that among the conditions there is also the number of events for an express bet - 5 events.
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