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1win Bombucks online slot

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1win bookmaker is known among players not only for high odds and big winnings. The company is developing in all directions - and therefore you can find online casinos, and fantasy sport, and even an online cinema!

It is no wonder that such a high-profile player in the market sooner or later had to start producing their own games for money. This is the online slot 1win Bombucks, which we will talk about in this article.

1win free spins

Bombucks online - what is the point of the game

If you have ever played Minesweeper, you will quickly be able to figure out 1win Bombucks, because the meaning of the games is quite similar. All that is required of you is to choose the correct cell from the proposed ones without falling for the “bomb”, which will reset all progress and lead to a loss.

The rules of the game are as follows:

  • You replenish your account by making a deposit in your personal account of BC 1win;
  • Open the catalog with games from 1win - and among them find “Bombucks” online;
  • Go to the game - first you need to choose the size of the playing field. The number of cells with bombs will depend on it. Available in 2x3, 3x6, 4x9, 5x12, 6x15 sizes. With an increase in the number of cells, the risks also increase, because there are much more mines. But at the same time, the length of the path grows - and therefore you can win higher amounts!
  • Now place the bet you want to play. You can bet up to 20 thousand rubles at a time, but we advise you not to risk too large sums;
  • Further, everything is simple - select one of the proposed cells to multiply the bet money by the specified coefficient. Depending on your luck, you can click on a cell with a bomb - and then your bet will burn out, and your progress will be reset to zero;
  • By moving up the cells, you can increase the size of the bet by several times! But at the first mistake, the game will be over and you will be left with nothing;
  • You can pick up the winnings at any time - even after the first correctly guessed cell.

As you can see, the rules of the game are as simple as possible, and you can master Bombucks slot machine in just a few minutes. So we advise you not to waste time and start playing right now!

1win Bombucks strategy game

In order to win more often and recoup your own bets, you should approach all such games wisely. Bom bucks slot is no exception - even though the winnings depend directly on luck, you can still draw some rules that will help you master the slot machine.

1win Bombucks

Here are some tips we can give to those who decide to try their luck at 1vin Bom bucks:

  • Don’t risk too much. Since a mine can lie in wait for a player on any cell, you can literally lose the entire bet on the first sector. Therefore, we advise you to make not too big bets - as in betting, it is better to bet the amount that you do not mind losing.
  • Start with small fields. Although there is less chance of winning on a small field, you are less likely to click on the wrong cell and lose the bet. After you understand the rules of the game and start winning good amounts without difficulty, you can move on to wider fields.
  • Do not play in a state of passion. If you’re having a losing streak of games, you don’t need to bet all your remaining cash in an attempt to win back. The Bombucks slot is similar to other slot machines in this respect - you only need to play it with a cool head, not succumbing to emotions.

Following these tips, you can easily increase your capital and improve your skills at Bom bucks on the site online casino 1win!

1win Bom bucks player reviews

We would not recommend the game 1win Bombucks, if it were not so in demand among the users of the site. However, numerous reviews and videos only confirm that the game turned out to be interesting, easy to learn, and most importantly, profitable.

Here’s why users praise the Bombucks slot machine:

  • Interesting gameplay
  • High odds that allow you to win really large sums of money
  • Nice interface
  • Low entry threshold - you can understand the rules and start playing in the shortest possible time
  • Fast payouts - as with other games hosted on the BC website, 1win promptly withdraws winnings to the specified details

1win Bombucks

Of the shortcomings of the game, one can only single out the lack of a Bombucks demo - you have to play immediately for real money. But the minimum bet amount allows you to learn the game without losing money.

The conclusions are extremely simple - Bombucks 1win made it an extremely exciting game in which everyone really has the opportunity to earn. In addition, the game is suitable for any player, even those who have not played slots before, because its rules are as clear as possible. We advise you to try your luck at Bom bucks in the near future - who knows, what if this particular game will bring you the jackpot?


Unfortunately, in this game from 1win there is no test mode, and you have to play immediately for real money. But the absence of Bombucks demo does not make the game worse - the minimum bet threshold makes it possible to understand the game and start winning from the very first minutes without damaging your personal account! It is thanks to its simplicity that the game is so loved by many users.
Of course! Boombucks is a slot machine with a minimum level of difficulty, and therefore, beginners can safely be advised to start their journey in gambling with it. And of course, there are no restrictions on the game for newly arrived users of the site - you can start learning the slot after making your first deposit!
To register in 1vin, you just need to enter your phone number and email - after which your personal account will be created automatically. You can also use an alternative account registration option by authorizing through social networks. Starting the game is as easy as shelling pears - just find the Boombucks slot in the search among the machines, and after replenishing your account, make the first bet!
Certainly! As we described earlier, there are no rules for withdrawing a bet from the game in Boom bucks - you can collect your winnings after a single successful attempt. The only problem is that you won’t be able to earn much on such a technique, since the initial coefficients are not too high.
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