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1win Anubis Plinko slot

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Plinko used to be a very popular game at 1win betting company, and before that it appeared on a TV show called The Price is Right. The developers called their game such a strange name, because when the ball falls, it makes a characteristic sound similar to a “plink”.

The Anubis Plinko slot machine is a kind of update of the classic version loved by everyone. Almost the same gameplay, where the ball falls from the top of the pyramid and falls into holes with different payouts. In the new version of Anubis Plinko slot - the same Egyptian Pyramid acts as a pyramid, on top of which sits the God of the Underworld Anubis.

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Anubis Plinko slot machine interface

On the right side of the screen there is an interface with the rules and conditions of the game in Anubis Plinko slot. Before proceeding directly to the rates – it is necessary to familiarize yourself with the terms of the game in detail so that in the future there will be no disputes and questions.

By clicking the «?» at the top of the screen, you can read Anubis Plinko’s terms and conditions online, and next to the question mark, there is an option where you can adjust the sound settings. 

1win Anubis Plinko By clicking on the scarab icon, you can see the last bets made and the results of the balls falling out.

In the upper left corner of the screen, the total balance of the player in terms of money is displayed. And during the fall of the balls – the player can watch how the amount on his account changes.

Anubis Plinko slot features

Unlike the previous version, in addition to the pegs that guide the movement of the ball, there are also obstacles in the form of symbolic scarabs on the way of the falling ball.

  • Some of them are black – it’s a bad scarab. When the ball stumbles upon such a beetle, it flashes with mystical red fire and the ball burns out without reaching the winning coefficient. This means that the bet has burned down.
  • Other golden – these are very profitable scarabs. When the ball in Anubis Plinco online hits the golden scarab figurine – the winning coefficient from the bet is multiplied by 2.

Like many instant win games, Anubis Plinko demo is not playable. Only after the minimum deposit – access to the game will be open. But do not despair – 1win registration will not only allow you to take part in this exciting game, but also get a solid first deposit bonus.

Anubis Plinko game strategy: how to play for money?

The developers have made Anubis Plinko even more interesting, because in this version there are 12 conditional paylines and the risk level is from easy to hard.

One ball drop – this is one bet. You can release the ball an unlimited number of times, and the betting range is set from 1 to 100 dollars.

The interface is represented by buttons for selecting the mode and bet size and is located at the bottom of the screen, at the base of the pyramid.

1win Anubis Plinko play

The mechanism of the game is as follows:

  • Select the bet amount using the -/+ or Min and Max buttons, then select the risk level (Easy, Medium or Heavy).
  • The rewards in Anubisplinko depend on the level of risk and which scarab the ball encounters. When the game is played at the “Heavy” level, the maximum win that can be obtained is 150 times the bet. Minimum 0.2x of the player’s bet.
  • The lower the risk, the lower the reward. For example, if you play at an easy level of risk, the best reward — it’s 15 times the rate.

Parameters of the Anubis Plinko slot machine

In the management, you can choose automatic or one-time betting mode. Switching occurs by pressing the corresponding mode key. If the game is played on single bets, then each time you need to press the mode key to throw the ball. 

You can also play multiple modes at the same time.

I.e. pressing 2 keys at once, “Medium” and “Hard” - they automatically release green and red balls that fall on the corresponding lines with coefficients. This increases the chances of winning Anubis Plinko.

Conclusion and impression of the slot machine

Unlike the previous version of the slot, not every bet wins in Anubis Plinco online, because there is a black scarab participation factor that burns the ball with a bet.  

But the developer claims a theoretical RTP of 99%. And that’s why players love this game. There is no Anubis Plinko strategy - just luck.


Unfortunately, like most of these instant win games, Anubis Plinko cannot be played in demo mode. In order to be able to place a bet in this slot machine, you need to create an account, log in to the site and replenish the deposit for a conditional amount of real money. Only with a positive balance, the player will be able to take part in the slot machine.
The game mode in Anubisplinko slot in the browser version and the 1win mobile application is the same. The interface is the same for both versions. There is no need to download a separate application. You can open the online casino site on your mobile device, the interface of the machine adapts to the screen size of the gadget.
Winning in Anubis Plinko slot machine depends on the difficulty level. There are three of them in the machine: Light, Medium and Heavy. At the minimum level, you can get a win of x0.2 of the bet amount, the maximum win of x150 of the bet amount. With a maximum bet of $100, the winnings at the maximum level can be up to $15,000.
Since the fall of the ball in the game Anubis Plinko is automatic, there is no special strategy. The probability of falling out is based on a random number generator and the direction is calculated absolutely randomly. Therefore, choose the level of the bet, start the ball and enjoy the bright special effects and the winnings.
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